Best cheap homeowners insurance in Fresno


Fresno offers a range of affordable housing options and home-buying assistance programs to assist residents in owning a home. The programs do not cover the cost of buying a home. However, the buyer would still have to pay taxes and insurance. For a $250,000 home, the average home insurance Fresno costs $916 per annum. There are many ways to cut down on coverage. You can choose the best and most affordable home insurance company.

Fresno’s best home insurance company

Bankrate gathered quotes from the top home insurance companies in California. After the quotes had been averaged and ordered, Bankrate analyzed the customer ratings, financial strength, and policy options of the top five insurance companies to narrow down the list to five.


Mercury Insurance, a California-based company, offers the lowest homeowners insurance rates for Fresno. A standard HO-3 policy will cost you $498 on average. If you have to rebuild your house, you can add extra coverages like extended substitute cost. This will increase the policy limit by 150%. The extended replacement cost coverage is an important benefit, especially considering the boom in the housing market and the skyrocketing lumber price.

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Shopping for affordable home insurance in Fresno is easy with Progressive. The Homequote Explorer tool will ask you questions about your home. It will return a Progressive quote and compare quotes from other carriers. The tool is useful in helping you to determine which carrier offers the best rates.


USAA’s home insurance includes free perks like replacement cost coverage, and identity theft protection. This is included in any standard policy. USAA membership is limited to members. Only military personnel, veterans and their families are eligible for free membership. You will be able to receive outstanding customer service and low rates if you are able to qualify. Instead of searching through state-run programs or exchanges, you can add flood and earthquake insurance directly to the carrier.


Travelers home insurance is a top choice because it offers special coverages that you won’t find at other insurance companies. You can add additional home insurance coverages to your HO-3 to provide more protection. These include green home rebuilding which allows you replace items with more eco-friendly versions or less energy-intensive versions. Personal articles floaters allow you to insure high-value items such as antiques, jewelry, and collectibles.

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State Farm

State Farm is the best local agent network and Fresno office of all the home insurance companies. You can find 22 State Farm agents available in Fresno to assist you with your coverage and follow-up on your claims. It is not necessary to work with an agent. The State Farm website as well as the mobile app offer full-featured features that allow you to track your claims, manage your billing and file claims.

Fresno home-insurance recommendations

Fresno does not require homeowners insurance, but your lender will insist that you have a valid policy. Even if you have paid your mortgage in full, wildfires floods and earthquakes can cause your home to be destroyed. Home insurance is an affordable investment that will provide financial protection in the event of your home being destroyed.

Important to remember that wildfires can be covered, but not earthquakes or floods. The following optional coverages are possible to add to your standard home insurance policy:

  • Earthquake insurance: California is at high risk of earthquakes. Although not all insurance companies offer earthquake coverage, you can purchase it to protect your investment. The California Earthquake Authority provides affordable coverage for homeowners if your insurance company does not offer it.
  • Flood insurance: A standard home insurance policy does not cover flood damage. The optional coverage is recommended if you live in an area that is at high risk of flooding.
  • Extended replacement cost: The housing market is booming, and building materials are a scarce commodity. Prices for lumber and other raw materials have soared, so rebuilding your home might be more costly than you anticipated. To compensate for market changes, an extended replacement cost can increase your limit by up to 150%.
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Fresno home insurance discounts

Fresno residents may be eligible for discounts offered by many carriers to help them save even more on their home insurance. These discounts include:

  • Multiline insurance or bundling: Most likely, your household has at least one vehicle. If you purchase your home and car insurance from the same company, you can receive a discount.
  • Fire resistance: Insurance companies might offer a discount if you remove overgrown trees or dry brush from your property and prove that your home was built with fire-resistant materials like siding and roofing.
  • Protective devices: Notifying your carrier that your home has deadbolts or an alarm system, and/or smoke alarms in your home, could help lower your premium.

You can save money on Fresno home insurance by taking advantage of all three discounts. You don’t have to pick one. Many carriers offer multiple discounts for every reduction you are eligible for.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

You will find the best home insurer for you, but not for another person. Compare providers to find the best rates, coverages, customer satisfaction scores, and rates.

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What is the cost of Fresno home insurance?

Fresno’s average cost for home insurance is $916 per annum for a $250,000 house. It is lower than the average of $1.014 and the national median of $1.312.

What amount of Fresno home insurance do you need?

Many carriers will assist you in setting your HO-3 limits. This is based on information they have gathered about your area. Since your home’s value is not the exact cost of labor and materials to rebuild a house, it can be difficult to determine your own market value.