Best cheap homeowners insurance in Glendale

Protecting your financial investment is likely to be your top goal, whether you’re a first-time home buyer or an owner for over 30 years. You will need to manage certain maintenance and repairs as a homeowner. If your home is severely damaged by a natural disaster, homeowners insurance may be a good option to protect your home. For $250,000 worth of dwelling coverage, homeowners in Glendale spend on average $1,217 each year.

It could be worthwhile to choose a company that offers good rates and has important policy inclusions when searching for homeowners insurance policy. While affordability is important, it is also important to choose an insurance company that is reliable in paying out claims. These and other factors are important to consider when looking for the best homeowners policy.

Bankrate compared premiums and policy offerings from top, affordable home insurance companies in Glendale. We have narrowed down your options by taking into account customer satisfaction scores and 2021 quotes rates.

The best home insurance companies Glendale

J.D. Power is a trusted third-party organisation that scores and ranks different companies. It relies on customer reviews to identify the top companies in the market. These are the top home insurance companies in Glendale, based on their 2020 Home Insurance Study and 2021 rates that we collected from Quadrant Information Service. We also did research into each company’s policies.


USAA has the highest customer satisfaction score when it comes homeowner policies. It does not provide coverage for current and former military personnel or their families. Although USAA policies are exclusive to members, policyholders can benefit from the fact that their premiums are typically lower than the national average.

USAA’s claims service is also a great option. USAA is a great choice for military families looking for homeowners insurance in Glendale. It has low rates and a lot of claims experience. Additional bonus: Military uniforms that have been damaged are covered by active and deployed military personnel.


AAA policyholders pay a significantly lower average premium than the Glendale homeowners premium. It is unique because it can find policyholders at the lowest rates by outsourcing its home policies to other companies. AAA can find you the best policy at a competitive price.

AAA requires that policyholders have a membership. However, members can access exclusive products and services. You can personalize your home insurance policy with different coverage options or endorsements.


Nationwide ranks among the top home insurance companies due to its customer satisfaction scores and claims experience. Glendale residents can enjoy a reliable company at a fair price with an average annual city premium of $733. Nationwide is different from the rest because it has many local agents to serve the Glendale area. Because local agents can meet with customers face to face, insurance-related concerns are often easier to resolve. For policyholders facing a catastrophic claim, this might be reassuring.


Progressive is one of the top-rated insurance companies due to its low rates and many discounts that are available to insureds. Progressive is an affordable provider but it has remarkable financial stability. Its A+ rating by AM Best shows that it can pay costly claims quickly. Progressive has Glendale servicing insurance brokers and agents.

State Farm

State Farm, another reputable company is worth considering for Glendale homeowners looking for insurance. State Farm has one of the best J.D. State Farm has one of the highest J.D. ratings, and it offers many discounts. As well as the local agents available to help, homeowners have a range loss coverage. State Farm has a large market share and is a trusted name. This makes it a likely choice for Glendale homeowners.

Glendale home insurance options

Glendale homeowners insurance is not required if you do not have a mortgage. The reason is that the lender has an investment in your home and will want to make sure it can be repaired or rebuilt in the event of an emergency. It is recommended that homeowners insure their home, regardless of whether they have a mortgage.

Many companies offer the option to tailor a policy to suit your needs and budget. You can choose from a variety of coverage amounts, as well as additional endorsements that you may want to add.

  • Additional living expenses: This coverage covers the cost of repairs to a policyholder’s house due to an open case. It may also pay for lodging and food.
  • Wildfire coverage: Residents in Glendale could face serious danger from wildfires. This endorsement covers fire-related claims arising from wildfires.
  • Flood coverage: Due to FEMA.

Glendale home insurance discounts

Although insuring your home is a smart decision, the expense of insurance can seem overwhelming. You may be eligible for multiple discounts. Many companies offer discounts that you may be eligible for. These discounts can amount to a substantial savings on your policy.

  • Multi-line discount: This discount is available to those who bundle more than one policy. The most popular bundles include auto and home.
  • Claims-free discount: You may be eligible to receive a claim-free discount if you have never filed a homeowners’ claim. This indicates that you are low-risk and may result in the company lowering your premium by the appropriate percentage.
  • Safety equipment discount: Most companies will offer a discount for installing safety equipment, whether you have a fire alarm or a burglar alarm. The discount is cumulative so the more safety equipment you have the better.

Every company is different and may offer discounts. Companies may offer different discounts. The multi-line discount is offered by most Glendale businesses. This is good news for homeowners as it often significantly lowers their premiums. It can often save you a significant amount on your home insurance premiums. You could also be able to save a lot on your auto insurance. Home and auto are often the largest bills. The insured may find it beneficial to save on both.

Other than the above-mentioned discounts, you may also be eligible for other benefits such as being a loyal customer and setting up an automatic payment plan. Before you buy an insurance policy for your Glendale home from any company, compare rates, coverages, and discounts. There is no one-size fits all homeowner policy. It is important to take the time to research each company to ensure you get the best policy.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

There are many factors that can influence the best home insurance company. These include what coverage you require and what discounts you qualify for. It is a good idea to compare quotes from several insurance companies in order to find the best price and home insurance company for you.

What is the cost of Glendale home insurance?

The average cost of Glendale home insurance is $1,217 annually, but this can vary from one policyholder. In determining your rates, the insurance company will examine your home and your claims records.

What amount of Glendale home insurance do you need?

Your actual home will determine how much coverage you need. Rebuilding homes can be more expensive than rebuilding them, and owners may have more personal property. These coverages are tailored to the needs of each policyholder.