Best cheap homeowners insurance in Hialeah

Hialeah is the most populous city in Florida. Hialeah is home to many people, but it has a lower homeownership percentage of 46% compared with 66% nationally. For coverage of a $250,000 home, homeowners in Hialeah pay on average $3,217 each year. This is higher than the average of $1,312 per annum. Bankrate compared several national carriers to determine which ones offered competitive rates and other benefits for customers.

Hialeah’s best home insurance company

Hialeah’s best affordable house insurance companies not only offer low rates, but are also rated among 2020 J.D. Power Score Home Insurance Study to ensure customer satisfaction. We reviewed several national carriers and found that they had lower rates.

All over the country

Nationwide has been ranked the 10th nation for the most insurance policies written. This ranking has been in place since 1926 . Nationwide allows you to purchase your policy directly through a local agent, get a quote, and even reach out through the Nationwide mobile app. You can manage your policy, call roadside assistance, and make any changes to your policy all from the app.


One of the most trusted providers of homeowners insurance, Travelers, offers a wide range of coverage options to homeowners. Travelers provides options including special personal property coverage for high-value items, and additional replacement cost coverage. Additional savings like multi-policy discounts, protection device coverage, and a green house discount are some examples.


J.D. ranks Allstate higher than the industry average. Power, highlighting the company’s focus on customer service. Although it might not be the most popular, the number of discounts that are available to policyholders may surprise you. Allstate offers many ways to save, including bundling, loyalty discounts, paid-on time, and claims-free.


Progressive provides Hialeah residents with comprehensive homeowners coverage, including dwelling and liability coverage. Although Progressive is not ranked as highly as other companies on the J.D. Although Progressive may not be ranked as high on this list with J.D., there are many discounts. Progressive offers discounts including paperless statements, home security alarms, new home construction, and bundling. These are just a few of the many ways you can save with Progressive. Bundling can help you save even more, as you have one deductible for your homeowners and auto policies.

State Farm

State Farm provides more than just homeowner insurance coverage in Hialeah. Multi-policy discounts and security alarms are available. You can also find digital tools like a highly-rated app for your mobile device. State Farm is ranked higher in the 2020 J.D. State Farm ranks higher on the 2020 J.D. It is the largest provider homeowners insurance and has over 19,000 agents across the country.

You may also be interested in other Hialeah home-insurance coverages

While homeowners insurance isn’t required by law, unlike auto insurance, it can provide additional protection against damage due to covered perils. A comprehensive homeowners insurance policy in Florida can provide additional financial protection for one your largest investments.

  • Flood Insurance Flood insurance can be purchased separately through NFIP’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).
  • Wind: Storms that are caused by severe thunderstorms or hurricanes may not be covered under a homeowners insurance policy. If this coverage is not available, you can purchase it separately. Talking to your licensed agent to find out what coverage is available is the best way for you to learn more.
  • Scheduled personal property coverage: This includes the items you need to replace due to a peril such as fire or theft. These items include antiques, jewelry, art and other items of high value.

Hialeah home insurance discounts

Even though homeowners insurance in Hialeah is more expensive than the national average for homeowners, there are ways to get lower premiums. You can find discounts such as:

  • You may qualify for an additional discount if you have a brand-new home.
  • Monitored systems: Ask about any savings that may be available if your home has a burglar alarm or fire alarm system. Additional safety features such as deadbolts, smoke detectors and water leak detectors may also be eligible for discounts.
  • Multi-policy: Ask about discounts for bundling homeowners insurance policies with existing carriers, such as your auto insurance.

You can get discounts on homeowners insurance to lower your premiums, and make it more affordable. These discounts are just a few of the many discounts you may be eligible for. You may also be eligible for other discounts, such as if your are a non-smoker and live in a gated community.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The best home insurer is determined by your needs and budget. Other factors, such as discounts and digital tools, may also be considered. Bankrate reviewed several national carriers and found that USAA, Amica, and Travelers were highly-rated for their rates and reviews.

What is the cost of home insurance in Hialeah?

For $250,000 of coverage, homeowners insurance in Hialeah costs an average $3,217 annually. Rates for homeowners insurance are dependent on many factors such as age, zip code and credit score. A licensed agent can provide a quote to help you determine your exact rate.