Best cheap homeowners insurance in Lubbock

For a $250,000 home, the average annual cost for homeowners insurance in Lubbock, TX, is $2,061 This is higher than the national average and the state average. The average annual cost of Texas residents is $1,863, while the average U.S. household pays $1,312 per year.

Bankrate’s editorial staff reviewed a range of factors to determine the best homeowners insurers in Lubbock. These included average annual premiums from Quadrant Information Services and J.D. You can also find information about available discounts and coverages, as well as customer satisfaction scores. These factors can help you make an informed decision when shopping for Lubbock home insurance.

The best home insurance in Lubbock

There are many options for homeowners insurance in Lubbock. Below are the top-rated and most affordable homeowners insurance available in Lubbock. These are our top five picks because of their excellent customer service scores, low premiums and coverage options.

All over the country

It received the lowest J.D. Nationwide received one of the lowest J.D. scores among the companies in our list for customer satisfaction. However, Nationwide has a low complaint score with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. The score for Nationwide’s homeowners insurance is 0.53. A score of 1.00 indicates that the NAIC received an industry standard level of complaints. Nationwide’s score of 0.53 means that it received just half the expected complaints in the home insurance market.

Nationwide provides standard coverage such as dwelling coverage, contents coverage, and liability coverage. Nationwide also offers water backup coverage and credit card coverage. Nationwide offers discounts that could help you save even further, even though its premiums are among the lowest. Nationwide is a great option for those in Lubbock looking for affordable home insurance.


J.D. consistently gives USAA high marks. Power for their customer service, both for auto and home insurance. USAA cannot be considered for an official ranking because it sells insurance only to former and active military personnel and their immediate families.

USAA provides homeowners coverage that is tailored to military personnel, including coverage for uniforms. Although the company doesn’t offer any discounts, the bundle discount and claims-free discount can save you as much as 10% on your premium.


Progressive may be a good choice if you’re looking for a company with multiple discounts. You can save by purchasing a home security system, enrolling in paperless documentation, paying in full, and bundling your auto insurance with it. Although Progressive’s premiums may be lower than Lubbock, you might still save more by taking advantage of the discounts.

Progressive received a lower-than-average score from J.D. Power for customer satisfaction. American Strategic Insurance, which is the underwriter of Progressive’s homeowners insurance received a NAIC complaint score of 0.95. This indicates a lower than average number of complaints.


Travelers is a great choice if you’re looking for a company that has strong digital assets. Travelers offers integration with Alexa or Echo devices, which allows you to manage your policy in a unique manner.

Travelers offers many discounts, such as a green home discount that could save you up to 5 percent on your premium if the home is LEED (Leadership Energy & Environmental Design).


Allstate was the only company on our list to receive the highest customer satisfaction rating by J.D. Power. Power.

Allstate offers many coverage options. These include yard and garden coverage, electronic data recovery, and green improvement reimbursement. In the Lubbock region, there are 10 Allstate agent. Allstate may be the right choice if you prefer to handle your insurance face-toface.

Options for home insurance in Lubbock

Although home insurance is not required by law in Lubbock if you have mortgages, most lenders will require you to have it. Even if your home does not have a mortgage, homeowners insurance may be something you want.

Lubbock residents may want to look into the following optional coverages in addition to standard homeowners insurance:

  • Flood insurance Homeowners insurance policies do not usually include flood coverage. You may consider buying flood insurance to protect yourself against the damage floods can do.
  • Coverage for earthquakes: Texas isn’t often associated with an risk of earthquakes. However, over 100 large earthquakes have occurred in the past 100 years. Either you can add earthquake coverage to an existing policy or purchase a separate policy.
  • Additional structures coverage: You may need to verify that your policy covers additional structures such as a shed, fence, or greenhouse.

Each company offers a different range of home insurance coverages. Talking to an agent about your particular situation can help you choose the right coverages.

Lubbock home insurance discounts

Your premium could be significantly reduced by taking advantage of home insurance discounts Many homeowners insurance companies offer discounts. There are several discounts that Lubbock residents may be eligible for:

  • Bundling discounts: You might be eligible for a substantial discount if you buy your auto and home insurance from one company.
  • Security system discounts: A security alarm system can help deter thieves from entering your home, or alert you if there is a fire or another dangerous situation. Many companies offer discounts to customers who have one.
  • Discounts for new homes: You may be eligible for a discount if your home was built recently.
  • Discounts for new homeowners: There are discounts offered by some companies to first-time buyers.
  • Many insurance companies offer discounts for paying in full if you are able to pay all of your premiums at once.

While discount options can vary from one company to the next, most companies offer at minimum a few discounts. You might be able to save money by speaking to your company representative or looking on the company website.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Your needs and desires will determine the best home insurer. You should first determine what you value in home insurance coverage. This could include access to digital tools or strong customer service scores. To compare premiums and features, you can get quotes from multiple companies.

What amount of Lubbock home insurance do you need?

To avoid financial ruin if your home is damaged, you will want to insure it for the full cost of rebuilding. Consider how much personal property and your liability limit. A licensed agent can help you determine how much coverage is necessary.