Best cheap homeowners insurance in Madison


Madison, Wisconsin’s capital, is located just west of Milwaukee. It is home to more that259,000 residents. Madison residents are likely to struggle to find affordable homeowners insurance, with 47% of them being homeowners.The average cost of homeowners insurance is $851 per year for $250,000 in dwelling coverage,Bankrate’s 2021 study on average annual premiums found that they are well below the national average at $1,312 per annum for $250K dwelling coverage. Our research revealed thatErie has one of the most affordable home insurance policies in the area.

It may be worth shopping around for the best Madison homeowners insurance. With Madison’s property crime rate being higher than the average in the state, and the possibility of severe storms or tornadoes, it might be worthwhile to shop around. Bankrate’s editorial team evaluated each company for its average premiums, policies and market share.

Madison’s best home insurance company

Madison residents have many options when it comes to homeowners insurance. Based on 2020 J.D., we have calculated customer satisfaction ratings. Power Home Insurance Study and each company’s average 2021 rates, obtained from Quadrant Information Services, Bankrate reviewed several of the most prominent carriers in Madison, Wisconsin, to determine the best cheap home insurance companies.

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Erie is a great option for Madison homeowners looking for affordable home insurance. Erie’s standard homeowners policy provides theft coverage, pet insurance, as well as guaranteed replacement cost protection. You can also add flood insurance, earthquake insurance and water/sewer backup protection.


You have many options when you purchase homeowners insurance with Travelers. These include contents replacement cost, water backup, and additional replacement cost protection. These coverages can be added to your policy if necessary. Madison’s homeowners insurance cost is lower than the national average, but there are still many discounts offered by the insurer, such as multi-policy, green house, and loss-free discounts.

All over the country

Nationwide’s standard homeowners policy includes both the usual coverage and ordinance insurance to rebuild your home to code in case of loss. Additional endorsements, such as flood and water backup insurance can be purchased if necessary. Customers can get discounts on multi-policy loss-free living in a gated community as well as protective devices such security systems.


Allstate Madison is one of the most affordable and best home insurance providers. It is highly rated in customer satisfaction and offers homeowners useful discounts. Allstate is known to reward homeowners with no claims with its claim-free rewards program, which offers a discount for each year you do not file a claim. But claims can sometimes be out of your control. Allstate has a claim rate guard system which helps to keep your rate from rising even if you file a claim.

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USAA is not for everyone as it is only available to military personnel, veterans, and their immediate families. If you are eligible for USAA insurance, it’s one of the most affordable homeowners insurance options in Madison. The standard coverage of a USAA policy covers personal property at the current replacement cost, with no depreciation.

Madison offers a variety of home insurance options

Although homeowners insurance is not required by law, it may be necessary if your mortgage is on your home. If your home is damaged, you can also get home insurance policies. You could be able to rebuild your home and protect yourself from financial hardships.

Madison residents may find the following coverages helpful.

  • Water backupSome insurance companies offer water backup as an optional add-on. This includes flooding from burst pipes and plumbing damage. Madison residents may find this helpful during winter months.
  • Personal property floaterMadison’s property crime rate is higher than Wisconsin’s state average. It may be worth adding additional coverage to protect your belongings.
  • Flood insurance:Severe storms, floods, and tornadoes are the most common natural disasters that occur in Wisconsin. It is worth looking into flood insurance as an addition to your existing policy.
  • Additional living expensesThis add-on covers the costs of temporary accommodation in a hotel or apartment if you are forced to do so due to a covered peril. Some policies cover it, but not all.
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Madison Home Insurance Discounts

Madison’s average home insurance cost is lower than in other areas of Wisconsin and the United States, but most homeowners would like to save more. Madison residents have access to a variety of discounts. These discounts include:

  • Multi-policy:You can get discounts by using the same insurance company for your homeowners insurance and your auto insurance.
  • Safety measuresYour insurance company may offer discounts if you install a security system or other protection measures in your home.
  • New homeMany new homes qualify for insurance discounts.
  • Materials that are fire-safeCertain homeowners insurance companies offer discounts for the use of fire-resistant building materials in the construction and maintenance of your home.
  • Loss-free:This could be a good option if you have homeowners insurance in the past and are clean about claims. You might also consider a carrier that offers a reward for not having made any claims in the past.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The best home insurance company depends on several factors. Your circumstances will determine which carrier you choose, including your location, home size, and budget.

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What is the cost of Madison home insurance?

Madison’s average homeowners insurance rate is $851 per annum for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. Your personal factors, such as previous claims, ZIP code, and total value of personal possessions will all affect the cost of homeowners insurance.

What amount of Madison home insurance do you need?

Madison home insurance is determined largely by the cost of rebuilding your home after a loss. To determine the right amount of coverage for your home and assets, it is a good idea consult an insurance agent.