Best cheap homeowners insurance in Mesa

For $250,000 of dwelling insurance, homeowners insurance Mesa is $1,197 annually. It is slightly lower than Arizona’s average rate of $1.189 per year. The homeownership rate in Mesa is high at 60%. The median household income in Mesa is $58,247. There are many households with tight budgets. Mesa affordable home insurance premiums can help.

Bankrate discovered that Mesa-based carriers offer home insurance for as low as $592 per annum. This is half the cost of $100 per month, which is roughly $50 less than the average. It is important to ask who these low-cost home insurance companies are and if they are reputable. They may surprise you and be a relief. To ensure that switching is safe, we compared the financial ratings of the carriers, customer reviews, the size of the carrier, and the years in business.

Mesa’s best home insurance company

The five lowest-priced carriers that we have featured are some of the best and most respected home insurance companies in America. The discounts they offer is one reason why rates are so low. Here’s a quick overview on the cheapest Mesa home insurance companies:


USAA Mesa has the lowest home insurance rates with an average premium of $591. USAA has a consistent high J.D. satisfaction score, and low home insurance rates. Power’s annual home-insurance study. USAA was established in 1922. It has 13,000,000 members that have access to all financial and insurance products. You must be a veteran, active duty military, or a relative to qualify for membership.

All over the country

Nationwide is Mesa’s next-cheapest home insurance company. On average, a policy costs just $60 per month and $733 annually. Nationwide offers a few discount which may help you save even more on your insurance. There are discounts for homeowners who have recently renovated their homes or purchased a house from a new construction. Nationwide also offers a discount for homes in gated communities, which Nationwide considers safer. A protective device discount is available that will lower your insurance rate if you have alarm systems, deadbolt locks and smoke alarms.


Progressive Insurance was established in 1937. Progressive Insurance can help you save a lot if you bundle your car and home insurance. According to Progressive, customers who switch to Progressive Insurance can save 20% if they bundle their coverages. Additional discounts include being a new homeowner if your home was purchased within the last 12 month or safety if a security system is installed.


Most people are familiar with AAA, which offers roadside assistance and travel services. AAA requires an annual membership fee. You can still purchase AAA’s home insurance, even if your are not a member. It can be easy and affordable to get coverage through the carrier. AAA also sells flood insurance and earthquake insurance, which is something that many other carriers don’t offer.

State Farm

State Farm isn’t the most affordable carrier on the list, but you might be able get a lower quote depending on what discounts you are eligible for. State Farm has been in existence since 1922. It is the most popular insurance company in the U.S. State Farm claims that bundling auto and home insurance can help you save up to 965 per year. A home security system may qualify you for additional discounts or a reduction depending on what type of roof you have.

Mesa home insurance recommendations

Although you are not required to have homeowners insurance in Mesa, your lender may until your mortgage is paid in full. Home insurance can provide financial protection and peace-of-mind. In the region, wildfires and burglaries can be serious threats. A small monthly fee is worth it if you don’t want to have to rebuild your home from scratch or replace all of your belongings. Mesa residents may want to consider these special home insurance policies:

  • Equipment breakdown coverage: This coverage covers the cost of repairing or replacing your home’s appliances and systems. You may be eligible if your refrigerator or air conditioner breaks down in the middle of summer.
  • Replacement value: Standard home policies cover actual cash value. This means that you will get a deduction amount for the item based on its condition and age. You may be able to purchase a new item by upgrading to replacement value.
  • Scheduled personal property: Most standard policies do not cover guns, antiques or collectibles as well as art, jewelry, diamonds and heirlooms. These items would require separate insurance through scheduled personal property coverage.

Mesa home insurance discounts

Insurance companies that offer home insurance usually offer discounts for certain conditions that could reduce the chance of claims. It’s a win-win scenario. They give you a discount and encourage you to take a lower risk of losing money. You may be eligible for these discounts:

  • Recent Remodel: Upgrading the wiring, plumbing, or fixtures in your home can reduce the likelihood of water damage or electrical fires, and earn you a discount.
  • Fire prevention: A fire-resistant roof, home siding or clearing brush from your property can reduce your chance of fire and save you money.
  • Protective device: A home security system and deadbolts can keep thieves away. This will also lower your home insurance premiums.

Questions frequently asked

What is the best Mesa home insurance company?

Each Mesa resident will have a different choice of home insurance company. Your personal rating factors and the coverages that you choose will determine which home insurance company is best for you. Compare providers by getting multiple quotes. Compare the available coverages, discount options, customer satisfaction scores, and financial strength ratings.

What is the cost of Mesa home insurance?

Mesa homeowners insurance costs $1,197 per annum for $250K dwelling insurance. Bankrate did however find four carriers that offered rates as low $592 per annum.