Best cheap homeowners insurance in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana’s largest city, is densely populated. It is easy to see that New Orleans has a large population, with nearly 400,000. However, the high cost of buying a house in this city can make it difficult for many people to afford it. New Orleans has a high percentage of owner-occupied houses, with 48.3% of them being owned. The average home insurance rate is $2,789 per annum for a $250,000.

Although home insurance is not required, it can protect your most costly investment from unforeseeable catastrophes. It also helps to keep your bank account afloat. Although insurance costs are higher in this area, it’s possible to find affordable options to provide sufficient coverage for your home with just a little bit of research.

New Orleans’s best home insurance companies

New Orleans is home to many national home insurance companies, but not all are affordable. We evaluated several providers to determine which ones offer the best value.

State Farm

State Farm is the largest insurance company in the United States and offers some of the lowest home insurance rates in New Orleans. State Farm has over 19,000 agents across the country, making customer service easy. The extensive coverage options allow customers to tailor their policies to their budget and needs. State Farm offers discounts that may be of benefit to those who are concerned about affordability. For even more savings, you could bundle multiple lines to save. Customers will find the company’s robust online tools and mobile application convenient. The company also has higher than average ratings from J.D. Power’s 2020 Home Insurance Study.

The Hanover

The Hanover’s home insurance rates are higher than the New Orleans average. However, there were fewer customer complaints than other providers. The company also has a positive reputation as one the oldest insurers in the country, despite not being rated by J.D. Power. The Hanover’s Platinum Package is available depending on where you live. It includes a deductible waiver and extended dwelling replacement. Lock replacement, siding, roof replacement and guaranteed cost replacement. The Hanover offers few discounts, but customers can still get a price reduction for a new house, safety features and bundling auto and home insurance policies.


Allstate offers both digital support and in-person assistance to help you get customer service. You can get additional coverages beyond the basic liability and dwelling coverages. These include electronic data recovery and coverage for your yard and garden. Allstate umbrella insurance can be purchased for any items not covered by your home insurance policy. New Orleans is expensive, but Allstate offers a variety of discounts that can help you lower your annual premium.


The USAA is the best company for homeowners insurance in New Orleans for military personnel. USAA scores high in J.D. despite its restricted eligibility criteria. USAA has excellent financial stability and Power studies show customer satisfaction. USAA offers coverage for personal property and dwellings, as well as liability. They also offer identity theft protection, home-sharing insurance for Airbnb hosts, earthquake coverage, replacement cost, coverage for military uniforms, and even coverage for identity theft. The most notable discounts include loyalty, safety features and policy bundling.

New Orleans home insurance options

Although home insurance is not required in every state, New Orleans residents should not hesitate to insure their homes after Hurricane Katrina. The following are the essential elements of a standard home insurance policy:

  • Dwelling: Insurance for your home and any attached structures
  • Other structures: Coverage of structures not attached to your house (barns, sheds, pools, etc.).
  • Personal property: Insurance coverage for your valuables and belongings
  • Liability: Protection against injuries sustained by others on your property

Standard policies cover theft, vandalism, and weather damage. Some people opt to have additional insurance because New Orleans is susceptible to flooding and storms.

  • Flood insurance: This coverage is not included in any homeowner’s insurance policy, but can be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program
  • Water backup: This is an optional add-on offered by some insurance companies. It covers plumbing damage as well as flooding due to burst pipes
  • Coverage for replacement costs: This covers the cost of rebuilding your house even if the actual cash value is higher than it.

New Orleans Home Insurance Discounts

Although it is expensive to live in New Orleans, it is worth the investment. There are many insurance companies that offer discounts that can help you reduce your annual premiums. These are the most common home insurance discounts:

  • You might qualify for a discount if your home is a new construction or custom-built.
  • Security features: Some insurers will offer a discount if your home is fitted with burglar alarms and fire alarms as well as sprinkler systems or storm shutters.
  • Bundling your policy: Combining your auto or life insurance policies with your home insurance policy could reduce your annual premiums.
  • Claims-free: Some insurers may offer a discount to reduce your insurance costs if you don’t file a claim within three years.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

There are many home insurance providers in the country. However, not all of them can be considered the best. Insurance is very individual and depends on your needs and preferences. Insurance companies with a strong reputation in the industry for providing a wide range of coverage options, discounts, availability, and excellent customer service are likely to be at the top of their game.

Is a home policy insurance policy able to cover storm damage?

Standard home insurance policies may include storm, hail, and lightning damage coverage.

How can I protect my valuable possessions?

Your personal property coverage usually covers your valuable possessions and belongings. You can also purchase umbrella insurance and scheduled personal property coverage for additional protection.