Best cheap homeowners insurance in Phoenix

Phoenix’s home ownership rate is 54%. Lenders usually require homeowners with mortgages to have valid home insurance policies. For a $250,000 home, the average home insurance rate in Phoenix is $1,397 annually.

The average rate for Phoenix is only slightly lower than the average rate of $1,312. There are still lower rates if you’re able to find affordable home insurance providers within Phoenix. We gathered quotes from the top home insurance providers to save you time. We narrowed down the list to five companies after comparing home insurance options, carrier ratings and customer studies.

Best home insurance Phoenix

These are the top and most reputable carriers in the country. Because they have low rates and high customer satisfaction, they were named among the top Phoenix home insurance companies. Study on power home insurance.


USAA is the best carrier in terms of price and customer service. USAA is a member-based provider. Membership is free but only military personnel or their immediate relatives can be eligible. Accessing a USAA-HO-3 will give you low-cost coverage, which includes replacement cost coverage. This option is usually charged by most carriers and allows you to upgrade your policy by purchasing new versions of the items that you are replacing.


Progressive makes it easy to compare quotes using the Homequote Explorer Tool. Standard policies cover basic perils like theft, fire, and lightning. You can also add water backup coverage to cover cleanup and repairs in the event that your sump pump, sewer or other device backs up and floods your house. You can increase your policy’s liability limit by including personal injury coverage. This covers legal fees and damages, such as wrongful arrest, false arrest, or slander.

All over the country

Nationwide’s home insurance rates average $777 per annum for Phoenix homeowners. Nationwide’s home insurance rates are half of what the average Phoenix homeowner pays. This is why Nationwide has been included in our top ten list of Phoenix’s best-rated home insurance companies. Nationwide offers a variety of options you won’t find anywhere else. You may be eligible for a discount if you live in a gated community, or in a newly-renovated house.


Many people don’t realize that AAA provides home insurance to Phoenix residents, even if they aren’t club members. AAA members get more than travel discounts and roadside assistance. Members will be eligible for a 5% discount on homeowners insurance. Additional discounts may be available if you combine your auto and home policies, or if you sign up for AAASmartHome. This is AAA’s wireless security system, which can be accessed and monitored via the mobile app.

State Farm

Customers rate State Farm highly in the J.D. The Power home insurance study. Personalized service is one of the key factors to customer satisfaction. State Farm has agents and local offices throughout Phoenix that can help you file a claim quickly or make sure you have enough coverage. In the city, there are 70 State Farm locations.

Phoenix Home Insurance Tips

Arizona does not require home insurance, but having coverage can help protect your most valuable asset — your house. An HO-3 policy covers your home’s structure and personal property. It also protects you against liability for injuries or lawsuits that may occur at your home. You can also cover your living expenses if you have to temporarily move out for repairs or rebuilding. You may also want to consider adding additional coverages:

  • Green rebuild: This allows you to replace items and building materials with ecofriendly versions.
  • Scheduled personal property: The amount your home insurance policy will pay for each item is limited. A scheduled personal property rider will be required if you own jewelry or watches that are worth thousands of dollars.
  • Business coverage: Remote workers and home-based business owners may wish to include coverage for work-related inventory and equipment.

Phoenix home insurance discounts

A Phoenix homeowner policy costs approximately $1,400 annually. Even a 10% savings can make a big difference. Current and potential customers can take advantage of a number of discounts offered by home insurance companies. These include:

  • Multiline/Bundling: The majority of Phoenix homeowners own at least one car. You could save money by purchasing car and home insurance from the same provider.
  • Payment: Automatic payments can help you save money and prevent you from losing your coverage.
  • Protective devices: Installing a home security system, smoke detectors, or any other device that monitors your home can help lower your premiums.

Bundle coverages and add protective devices to maximize your home insurance bill’s impact. You can also protect your property with security cameras or carbon monoxide detectors.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Your needs will determine which Phoenix home insurance company is best. Consider your requirements and the coverages you want. Next, compare the coverages available, discounts available, customer satisfaction scores and financial strength.

What is the cost of Phoenix home insurance?

For a home worth $250K, the average Phoenix home insurance rate is $1,397 per annum. Bankrate discovered that there are some carriers with annual rates ranging from $678 to $1.058.

What amount of Phoenix home insurance do you need?

It is worth speaking with your agent or carrier to determine the best amount of home insurance. This could help you save time and avoid any confusion. Your home’s current market value may not reflect the actual cost of rebuilding it.