Best cheap homeowners insurance in Plano


Rates for home insurance Plano are $2,026 annually for a $250K residence. The rates are almost twice as high as the average for a $250K dwelling. Texas rates are more expensive because of the range of natural disasters Texas is susceptible to such as hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding. These and other reasons are why many homeowners consider home insurance to protect their financial investments.

Bankrate compared rates, coverage options and online tools to find the best Plano home insurance.

Plano’s best home insurance company

Collecting quotes is a great way to get cheap home insurance Plano premiums. Bankrate did research to determine which home insurance companies are best in the area and found the lowest homeowners insurance Plano.

The 2021 average rate data and customer satisfaction ratings from third parties like J.D. were used to select providers. Power & Associates, financial stability and claims satisfaction. Coverage options, discounts, accessibility, and potential discounts.


At $1,431, Travelers Insurance offers the lowest homeowners rates in Plano. Travelers Insurance offers a variety of coverages, including water backup in the event of a sump pump or sewer line failure and green coverage to cover earth-friendly materials for building. Travelers offers discounts that could help you beat the average rate. These include multi-policy, green home, protective devices, and new homeowner.

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All over the country

Nationwide offers a few discounts to lower your home insurance premiums. Plano residents who live in older communities could be eligible for the greatest savings. Nationwide offers discounts for new homeowners who have lived in the area for less than 12 months, are residents of a gated community, or have completed home renovations and upgrades.

State Farm

Many homeowners prefer to work with local agents to find the best balance between coverage and low premiums. Your agent can help you file a claim and advocate for you to ensure that your payout is fair. These agents are free to policyholders and are available at 31 State Farm offices. State Farm offers discounts to prospective and current policyholders for installing protective devices like a security system, carbon monoxide/smoke detections, or bundling multiple coverages such car, home, and life insurance.


USAA offers home insurance with a value-driven approach that offers affordable and low rates. Home-sharing insurance can be added if you rent a room in the home. You also have the option to add replacement coverage for uniforms. USAA is not available to military personnel, veterans, and their families.

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Allstate home insurance is adapting to modern times by offering homeowners the best home insurance options. HostAdvantage protects personal property if you rent your house (or room) via home-sharing apps like Airbnb. Remote workers can access business property insurance which covers inventory, equipment, and computers related to their work.

Home insurance tips from Plano

Although Texas doesn’t require homeowners to be insured, a mortgage will likely stipulate that you must have home insurance. Home insurance can be costly, even if you have paid your mortgage in full. Weather changes are unpredictable in the state. The cost of restoring or rebuilding your property after it is damaged by a storm or burns could run into the hundreds of thousands. You can choose to add the following optional coverages:

  • Flood insurance: Floods cannot be covered by a standard HO-3 plan. Plano is however a member the National Flood Insurance Program, which offers affordable coverage for homeowners.
  • Business coverage: If your home is still affected by the pandemic, and you plan to continue working, you might be able add coverage for equipment related to work.
  • Scheduled personal property: Most homeowners insurance policies have limits. The full value of vintage jewelry, antique guns and special art might not be covered. Scheduled personal property can be added for a small fee to cover higher-value or special items.
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Plano home insurance discounts

You may be able save even more if you choose a home insurer you like.

  • Bundling: If you have both car and home insurance, you will get a multiline discount.
  • Fire resistance: Roofs, landscaping, trees and exterior siding that are resistant to high heat and fires could qualify for discounts in your homeowners insurance Plano policy.
  • Protective devices: A security system, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can help detect problems before they become too severe. Make sure you inform your insurance agent about any home protection devices.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The top home insurance companies provide comparable insurance rates, accessibility, and the coverage options that you require. Compare the top priorities of each provider to find the best one.

What is the cost of home insurance in Plano?

For a $250K home, the average home insurance Plano rate is $2,026 per annum.