Best cheap homeowners insurance in Reno

Reno’s northern part borders California and Nevada, which are two states with high property prices, taxes, and high home insurance rates. Nevada is the more affordable side of Reno. The median home is valued at nearly $450,000 For $250K of dwelling coverage, the average homeowners insurance Reno cost is $782 annually. The rates are lower than the Rest of the state Insurance costs in California average $1,014 per year, and $822 annually on average.

This is good news for Reno homeowners, as well as prospective home buyers. However, there are still ways to save on your home insurance. Bankrate compared quotes from the top home insurance companies to determine the most affordable.

Best home insurance Reno

We compared Bankrate’s pricing data with online tools, discounts, and customer ratings from J.D. We used Power’s customer satisfaction survey to choose five of the most affordable and best home insurance companies in Reno.


The average home insurance rate in Reno is $549 per year. This is $233 more than the average city rate. There are a few ways that you might be able to obtain lower rates from the carrier. They include multi-policy, which could save you up to 12% when you bundle home and car insurance, new homebuyer if you purchased your house in the last 12 months and 5% off your premiums if your home is certified as a LEED green home.


USAA provides home insurance for veterans and members of the Armed Forces. Low premiums can be found when you consider that home insurance includes free identity theft and replacement cost coverage. USAA is the best-rated carrier in customer satisfaction. J.D. It received 889 points from Power out of 1,000. USAA is a great choice because of the savings on coverage and the excellent customer ratings.

American Family

American Family’s homeowners insurance bundles are among the best. According to the carrier, buying home and auto insurance could save you up to 29% on your auto coverage and 20% on your homeowners insurance. American Family offers many special coverages, including matching siding, service-line, diminishing deductibles, hidden water damage, and equipment breakdown coverage.


Another carrier that offers affordable home insurance is Allstate. You can also add coverage for sports equipment to include more gear, such as skis or golf clubs. You can add coverage to your landscaping tools, riding mower, pool equipment, and trees to increase your protection.

State Farm

State Farm may have the best local presence in Reno, with 24 agents ready and willing to help. State Farm does not require you to visit an agent in order to purchase home insurance. State Farm’s website as well as its mobile app are very user-friendly. This makes shopping for home insurance easy. Once you have signed up for coverage, you can manage your policy, pay your bills, and file/track any claims via the website or mobile application.

Reno Home Insurance Options

Nevada does not require homeowners insurance. However, it can protect you financially in the event of an emergency such as a fire or burglary. You can also purchase additional coverage to your basic policy.

  • Green rebuild: Green rebuild insurance lets you use greener materials like a tankless water heater and non-toxic paint. The add-on allows you to build a greener home even if the original home was not built green.
  • Jewel riderYour standard home insurance policy does not cover expensive watches and jewelry. You can insure your precious jewelry with a jewelry rider to protect their full value.
  • Equipment breakdown coverageIt is expensive to repair or replace certain systems in your home, such as the HVAC, electrical, and pool. You could save thousands of dollars by purchasing equipment breakdown coverage.

Reno home insurance discounts

Insurance company discounts may help you lower your premiums. The best discounts include:

  • BundlingBuy auto and home insurance from one company to get a substantial discount
  • SafetyYou can install home security systems yourself. They could reduce your chances of being burglarized and help to lower your homeowner’s insurance.
  • Claims are free: Ask your carrier for a discount if you haven’t had a home-insurance claim in years or ever.

Questions frequently asked

Which Reno insurance company is best?

There is no one insurance company that will suit every Reno resident. Compare quotes from the top providers and find the best deal for you.

What is the cost of Reno’s home insurance?

For $250K of dwelling coverage, homeowners insurance in Reno costs $782 annually. We found four carriers that offered lower rates than the city’s average.