Best cheap homeowners insurance in St. Paul

St. Paul is a wonderful place to call home, with its many parks and charming neighborhoods. You know the advantages of having homeowners insurance, especially during winter storms.

These winter storms are one reason why insurance costs in the city are so high: $1,909 per year for a $250K residence. This is above the Minnesota average of $1,785, and even more above the national average, which is $1,312. To determine the best home insurance, we looked at which carriers were selling the most policies in St. Paul. We also examined the coverage options available and the rates.

St. Paul’s best home insurance company

To find the best cheap homeowners insurance in St. Paul, we looked first at companies that are writing policies for less than the city’s average rate. Review data from consumer watchdog agencies like J.D. was used to assess customer service. Power. We also considered optional add-ons or endorsements that let you customize your policy and offer discounts that can save you money over the long term.


Auto-Owners is our top vote. They offer both the lowest average rate among our finalists and the highest J.D. score. Power. This means you should be able get a competitive premium rate and have a positive experience with the company.

There are many endorsements that Auto-Owners offers, including ones that target high-value properties. The Homeowner Plus endorsement provides greater coverage limits for common claims. You can also get your rate lower by getting a dozen discounts from the company, which is more than any other.


Farmers offers affordable home insurance in St. Paul. The average premium for Farmers is $1,374 – more than $500 less than the average cost of insurance in St. Paul. J.D. It is rated middle of the pack by Power, which means that you can expect friendly and professional service when filing a claim.

Farmer offers some unusual endorsements. One of these is a $25,000 bonus if you choose to rebuild using green construction methods. Members of certain professions like engineers and first responders get discounts.


Triple-A is well-known for providing roadside assistance for auto owners. However, it is less known that the company also offers homeowner policies at an affordable price to St. Paul residents. You don’t need to be a AAA member to receive a quote. However, you might be eligible for additional discounts if you are.

Bundling, senior citizens, and new homeowners are some of the other discounts available. This makes AAA a worthwhile option for older people. There are also a few endorsements available, including umbrella coverage that will increase your liability as well as flood and earthquake coverage.

American Family

AmFam is another great option for cheap home insurance in St. Paul. J.D. has rated AmFam highly. Power will make it easy to deal with the company representatives when you need to pay your bill or file a claim.

With the increase in identity theft in America, the company offers optional endorsements such as equipment breakdown, sump pump, water backup, matching siding protection and credit theft protection. If your parents are policyholders, you will receive a discount on newer homes and renovated homes.


Travelers offers lower than average rates for home insurance in St. Paul and is well-known for its high level of customization. You can add-on jewelry, valuables and personal items as well as coverage for electronics and sports equipment.

Travelers offers many ways to save. You can save 5% by purchasing a green home, as well as standard discounts like bundling and a discount for home buyers.

St. Paul Home Insurance Advice

Minnesota does not require homeowners insurance, but auto insurance does. However, your lender might require you to have it if you have a mortgage. The most common type of homeowner insurance is the HO-3 policy, and it includes liability as well as coverage for your home, other buildings, and the property itself from a list of named perils, which includes wind, hail and winter snow damage. These are optional coverages that you might want to consider:

  • Flood insuranceFlooding from smaller ponds or drainage ditches can cause flooding, even if you are not near a river. If you live in a flood area, it may be worth getting optional flood insurance.
  • Valuable goods:Your propertyAn HO-3 policy generally covers you. You may need to add coverage if you have valuable items like artwork, jewelry or electronics.
  • Water backup or sump pump dischargeThis endorsement is for sump pumps in your home. This endorsement will protect you from water damage from your sump pump, drains or other plumbing fixtures.

St. Paul home insurance discount

When you are looking for affordable homeowners insurance in St. Paul, discounts can be your best friend. Nearly every insurer offers at most one. These are the most common.

  • bundlingIf you have multiple policies with an insurer, most will give you a discount on the price. Home and auto are two common bundles.
  • New homeInsurance companies will offer a discount to homeowners who own homes that are less than 10 years old.
  • Protective devicesYou will generally see a decrease in your premium if you have smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, and home security system.
  • Loss-free: You may be eligible for a reduction or reduced deductible if you haven’t filed a claim in the past three to five years.

Although each discount may not be significant, if you qualify for more than one, your premiums could be significantly reduced.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The best insurance company will offer you the best service, at the best price, and with the most services and discounts. The best home insurance company varies from person to person, so your best plan is to get several quotes from top companies to see who offers you the most.

What is the cost of home insurance in St. Paul?

For $250K of protection, the average St. Paul rate is $1909 per year. You will pay different costs. Your credit rating and age are some of the factors that insurers consider when determining your premiums.

What amount of home insurance do you need in St. Paul

You want enough home insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your home in case of a natural disaster, such as a fire. This number is determined by the construction costs in your locality, not the market value of your house. The best number can be determined by your insurance agent.