Best cheap homeowners insurance in Tacoma


47% residents in Tacoma, Washington have a home. While home insurance is not required by law if you have mortgaged your home, you will most likely need to have one. Homeowners insurance is a wise purchase, even if you don’t have a mortgage. Tacoma homeowners pay on average $909 per annum for a $250,000 home. This is significantly lower than the average home insurance cost, which is $1312 per year.

You may still be searching for affordable home insurance in Tacoma. Quadrant Information Services provided premium data to Bankrate for the top insurance companies by market share. The data was analyzed and we reviewed customer service ratings, coverage options and available discounts. We also assessed financial strength. These information can help you make an informed decision about home insurance.

Tacoma’s best home insurance company

While price is an important aspect, it isn’t the only thing you should consider when looking for home insurance. After reviewing the Tacoma insurance companies, evaluating their average premiums, and looking at coverage options, discounts, and J.D., we reviewed each company. Scores of power.

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Tacoma residents might want to look into the following companies when shopping for homeowners insurance:

All over the country

Nationwide’s home insurance premium average is lower than Tacoma. Nationwide might be the right fit if price is your primary concern. However, you may want to note that Nationwide did receive a below-industry-average score from J.D. Power

Nationwide offers many discounts that could help you save even more. Living in a gated community, or upgrading your home’s utilities systems could save you money. There are additional savings opportunities, such as purchasing your home and buying multiple types insurance with Nationwide.


USAA offers only coverage for veterans, active military personnel and their immediate families. You may be eligible to receive a quote if you are. USAA offers low average rates and highly-rated customer support. USAA does not qualify for J.D.’s official ranking. Power, due to eligibility restrictions, consistently received high scores.

USAA may offer savings opportunities that could help you lower your premium. Bundling auto and home insurance can help you save money, as well as installing security devices such a home alarm system or being free from claims. You may also be eligible for military-focused coverages like uniform coverage.

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If you’re looking for a company with lots of customization options, Travelers might be a good option. The company might offer water backup, contents replacement cost coverage, or green home coverage.

When it comes to discount offers, Travelers is not disappointed. The company offers a green home discount and multi-policy discount. You can also save money on your premium. J.D. scored Travelers below average, just as Nationwide. Power for customer satisfaction.


If you prefer to deal with your insurance personally, there are eight Allstate Agents in Tacoma. Allstate also offers home insurance that provides additional financial protection for your assets. Your business property insurance covers your inventory, computers and equipment while you are working from home. The coverage for sports equipment is meant to protect expensive equipment such as golf clubs. You can also get yard and garden coverage to protect your trees, landscaping, and tools, such as riding lawnmowers.

Allstate has a lower average premium than Tacoma, but it offers a variety of home insurance discounts that could help you save money. There are many ways to save money with Allstate: signing up for automatic payments and being a loyal customer. You can also get claims-free or purchasing both auto and home insurance from Allstate.

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State Farm

Although State Farm’s home insurance premium is higher than Tacoma, the company has several coverage options to make up the difference. For example, you may be eligible to add specialty coverage for equipment that you use for hobbies, such as cameras and musical instruments. You may also want coverage for garden furniture.

State Farm offers discounts for those who want to lower their premiums, such as roofing discounts, discounts for home security systems, and multi-policy discounts. State Farm, like Allstate sells their insurance through local agents who may be more in tune with Tacoma residents’ needs than online representatives.

Tacoma home insurance options

Even though home insurance isn’t required by Washington law, it can help protect your investment. If you have a mortgage, you might need to purchase a policy as part of your loan. There are many options for home insurance, but there are also some additional coverages you might want to consider.

  • Scheduled personal property: This option allows for you to insure valuable items like artwork and antiques that are not covered by a standard home insurance policy.
  • Flood insurance: Standard home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. To get coverage, you will need to buy a separate flood insurance plan.
  • Water backup coverage: The Pacific Northwest gets a lot of rain each year. This coverage covers water backup in the sewer or drain lines, which is more common during heavy rains.
  • Identity theft coverage: With the internet becoming increasingly digital, identity theft has become more common. If your identity is stolen, adding identity theft coverage to your homeowner’s insurance policy could help you pay the cost of restoring it.
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Each company has different coverage options. You can find the best company for you by determining what coverage you need and then looking for companies that offer them.

Tacoma home insurance discounts

Insurance companies often offer discounts that you can take advantage. These discounts could have the greatest impact:

  • Discounts for homeowners who have not made a claim for their home insurance in the past several years.
  • Remodel credits or new home: Because older homes are less likely to sustain damage, many companies offer discounts. A discount may be available if your home was purchased within the past year. Some carriers offer discounts or credits for upgrading your home’s HVAC, plumbing or electric systems.
  • Bundling: Many insurance companies that offer multiple products will give you a discount if your purchase includes several of their products. You might be eligible for a discount if you purchase both your auto and home insurance from the same company.

Online reviews of discounts are often helpful, but speaking to a representative can help you find ways to save.

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Questions frequently asked

Which is the best Tacoma home insurance company?

The best home insurer will depend on your needs. Different customers have different insurance needs and wants. Therefore, there will be different companies that suit their needs. You might start by identifying the most important factors when looking for home insurance. Next, compare quotes from different companies to see which ones might best suit your needs. This will enable you to compare rates, coverages, and discounts.

What is the cost of Tacoma home insurance?

Tacoma homeowners insurance costs on average $909 per annum for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. This is significantly less than the $1,312 national average home insurance premium.