Best cheap homeowners insurance in Tucson

Half of Tucson’s homes are owned. While the state doesn’t require homeowners to have home insurance, mortgage lenders often do. Tucson’s average home insurance rate is $1,058 per annum for $250,000 of dwelling coverage. The homeowners insurance premiums are lower than the average of $13,312 per annum. You may still be able save more by selecting the right carrier and taking advantage any discounts.

Arizona is covered by most major home insurance companies. It is not easy to find the best affordable home insurance rates for Tucson. Bankrate gathered quotes from the top home insurance providers in order to simplify the process and bring you the best affordable home insurance companies in Tucson.

Tucson’s best home insurance company

We compared the premiums of different home insurance companies, as well as coverage options, customer ratings, and discounts. These are the average prices you can expect to pay for coverage. Get a range of home insurance quotes from different companies to get an accurate estimate. Many carriers offer an easy-to-use online quote tool that provides pricing within minutes.


USAA is the best choice for home insurance. They offer top-quality service and affordable home insurance. The company’s home insurance is only available to military personnel, veterans, and their families. You will be able to access affordable coverage tailored to your specific needs if you are a member. For active military personnel or those deployed, uniforms can be covered. You can add Home Sharing coverage if you rent a room or the entire house. You can also manage your policy online through the USAA app, or by calling customer service.

All over the country

Tucson is home to 110 communities that offer new home constructions. Nationwide offers discounts to residents who live in gated communities and those who are buying new homes. Nationwide’s premiums are among the lowest in Tucson because of these unique discounts. Nationwide is distinguished by options like an upgraded roof replacement, credit cards coverage, and replacement cost.


It takes time to get quotes from multiple carriers in order to find the best coverage. Progressive wants to make it easier by providing the Homequote Explorer online tool that allows you to get quotes from multiple carriers simultaneously. Progressive may not offer the lowest rates but they could still be an option. You can make a claim online by using the mobile app, or calling the claims hotline. You can snap and go with the Progressive mobile app to take photos which are automatically sent to your claims adjuster.


Tucson homeowners can get affordable coverage through AAA, even if not members. If you are a member, you may be eligible for an additional discount but this is not required to have coverage. AAA home insurance is the best option if you don’t need any more than a standard, HO-3 policy. You’ll get protection against fire, smoke and lightning as well as vandalism, theft, windstorms, and other perils. AAA does not offer any additional coverages beyond personal property riders that are for higher-value items or flood insurance.


The name Auto-Owners is not misleading. They offer a solid product in home insurance. In addition to HO-3 coverage, special coverages are also available. These include equipment breakdown insurance that covers your home and repairs or replacements of your systems. Additionally, you can get an increased cost endorsement for 25% more coverage if your current limit is insufficient. Also, service line insurance provides coverage for underground service lines that have been damaged such as telecommunications or electrical lines.

Tucson Home Insurance Tips

Although Arizona doesn’t require homeowners insurance, the cost of coverage can provide protection worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. A standard homeowners policy covers most common perils. However, you might want to add some extras.

  • Protect your business equipment: You will need to have business insurance if you work remotely or keep a portion of your inventory, machinery, or equipment on your premises.
  • Scheduled personal property: You can insure collectibles like diamonds, fine watches, and guns for their full value by adding a schedule personal property rider. Your home insurance policy might not be able to cover the entire value of the items.
  • Replacement cost: In the event that your personal property is damaged or lost, replacement cost coverage allows you to replace it with a new item. You would be entitled to cash value. This is the item’s cost less a percentage based on its condition and age.

Tucson home insurance discounts

Take advantage of carrier-exclusive discounts to save money on your home insurance. These are some of the most significant discounts that you should look into:

  • Multiline: If you purchase home and auto insurance from the same carrier, you could get a lower premium for both. If you have both home and car insurance with the same carrier, it will make it easier to manage and pay your policies.
  • Military: Home insurance discounts are available for members of the Armed Forces. Ask for a discount for military personnel if a carrier doesn’t offer one.
  • Protective devices: Smoke detectors and deadbolts can help reduce the chance of theft, fire, and smoke damage, and lower your premiums.
  • Autopay: Many carriers will offer a discount on your home insurance if your monthly electronic drafts are used to pay your premiums.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Your personal rating and the type of coverage you want will determine which home insurance company is best. Compare rates, discounts, and customer satisfaction ratings to find the best home insurer for you.

What is the cost of Tucson home insurance?

Bankrate discovered that Tucson’s home insurance rates average $1,058 annually for $250,000 worth of dwelling coverage. Some carriers offer significantly lower rates, however. The average premium for USAA in Tucson is $535 annually.