Best cheap homeowners insurance in Tulsa

Tulsa County is home to approximately 650,000 people. more than half of all homes are occupied by their owners. Tulsa’s rapidly growing metropolitan region offers a low cost of living, making it an attractive area to live. But, severe weather conditions can still be a danger. Oklahoma experienced a sharp increase in tornadoes.

To protect your home from damage caused by natural disasters, it is important to have reliable insurance. The average cost of homeowners insurance in Tulsa is $3,765 per annum for $250k liability. This is less than the Oklahoma average of $4.067, but much higher than the national average $1,477.

We searched for affordable, high-quality providers in Tulsa. Our focus was on insurance companies that provide coverage that meets the needs of most homeowners.

The best home insurance companies near Tulsa

Tulsa offers a variety of home insurance options, including the most affordable. Here are our top picks for Tulsa’s best home insurance providers. The average annual premiums for a $250k policy with liability were included. However, these numbers are only estimates and may vary from person to person. J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction scores will help you make informed decisions that balance quality and price.

Home Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Premium for 250K LiabilityJ.D. J.D.
State Farm$2,038829/1,000
American National$2,148N/A
American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual$2,258N/A


Farmers, a solid insurance company, offers three tiers of policies to suit the needs of most homeowners. There are three options: standard, enchanted and premiere. Standard provides minimum coverage for a lower price while premier offers high coverage limits and many other features. You can also get lower rates by taking advantage of discount. This includes purchasing a house less than 14 years, installing protective devices, or completing green certifications such as Energy Star, LEED, or the EPA.

State Farm

State Farm, a well-known insurance company, offers home insurance policies through agencies in Oklahoma. This provider is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a policy that comes from a well-known brand, but also want to work with local agencies who are knowledgeable about the area. State Farm offers a few discounts to homeowners. These include bundling auto and home policies, installing safety devices, and the use of specific roofing material.

American National

American National may not be as well-known as other insurers, but they excel in bundling discounts. If you file no claims within three years, they will offer cashback for auto and homeowners insurance. Bundling home, auto, and life insurance can get you a significant discount. To protect your identity, this carrier offers ID theft protection coverage.

American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual

American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual has its headquarters in Oklahoma. They are familiar with the state. The provider offers valuable discount to home insurance policyholders. This includes discounts up to 20% on certain roofs, 30% off newer homes, and 15% off safety systems. American Farmers & Ranchers Mutual offers multi-policy discounts on auto, life, farm, and ranch insurance.


Allstate, another major name in the insurance industry, offers home insurance policies that include comprehensive coverages that are suitable for most Tulsa residents. There are a few unique features that the provider offers, including Claim Rateguard(r), which will maintain your premium even if you file an insurance claim. Additional features include money back to keep you claims-free, and a deductible that drops every year if you do not file a claim.

Tulsa Home Insurance recommendations

Home insurance is required depending on the terms of your mortgage. However, it is a smart idea to have home insurance in place for your biggest investment. These are some coverage options which are smart to have for Tulsa homeowners. These coverage options are only examples. It’s a good idea for homeowners to talk with an insurance agent.

  • Main dwelling and other buildings: Tulsa has seen more tornadoes recently than usual, so it is important to have coverage for your primary residence and any other structures such as fencing or garages. Home insurance often covers tornadoes as hail and wind damage.
  • Personal property: In the event of a natural catastrophe, personal belongings in your home may be damaged or destroyed. If you have expensive items, the extra coverage can be a worthwhile investment.
  • Personal Liability: You could be held responsible if someone is hurt on your property. If you need to go to court, liability coverage will protect you from any legal costs. Some liability policies will cover injuries to other people caused by pets. You should check with your provider to determine if additional coverage is required.
  • Additional living expenses: This coverage will pay expenses related to a disaster such as a tornado that renders your home uninhabitable. Examples of covered expenses are temporary lodging and restaurant bill.

Tulsa home insurance discounts

Premiums for home insurance can be one the most expensive line items in your monthly budget. We recommend looking at the discounts offered to you by your home insurance company to offset the expense. These are some of the most common discounts offered through home insurance providers.

  • Multi-policy: Many insurance companies offer other types of insurance such as auto and life. You can save money if you have multiple types of insurance from the same provider.
  • Safety devices and alarms: Many home insurance companies will offer discounts for installing smoke alarms or security systems. Find out what your provider’s eligibility requirements are.
  • Claims-free: Your home insurance provider may lower your premiums if you don’t file a claim for a period of one year or more. For homeowners who do not file claims for a prolonged period, some providers offer cashback on their premiums.

You may not be able to choose whether to file a claim due to Oklahoma’s increased bad weather. However, it is worth looking at all discounts offered by your preferred provider to offset any unexpected costs resulting from weather-related damage.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Tulsa residents have many options for homeowners insurance. However, the best home insurer is different for each individual. If you need coverage that covers every occasion and high coverage, the best provider might not be the right one for you. However, if you are just looking for basic coverage at a reasonable price, the best provider may not be the best for you. It is a good idea to compare coverage and quotes from several providers.

What is the cost of Tulsa home insurance?

Every home is unique, and the premium that you pay may vary. Although we have provided an average cost for this policy, it is best to consult an insurance agent if you are looking to purchase one.