Best cheap homeowners insurance in Tuscaloosa

For $250,000 coverage, the average cost of home insurance is $1,423 annually in Tuscaloosa. It is cheaper to buy home insurance, on average, in Tuscaloosa than it is in the rest of the state, with the average cost of Alabama homeowners insurance at $1,624 per year for the same amount of coverage.

Tuscaloosa homeowners need to have home insurance. Alabama is not immune to severe weather. It is one of the worst states for tornadoes, with 95 storms in 2019 alone. If your home is destroyed or damaged, finding the best home insurance in Tuscaloosa will help you protect yourself from financial ruin.

The best home insurance rates in Tuscaloosa

Bankrate’s insurance editorial team began the search for the best cheap home insurance in Tuscaloosa, AL by gathering average premium data from Quadrant Information Services for the largest insurance companies in the state by market share. Other factors were also taken into consideration, such as the J.D. satisfaction rating of a company. Power’s 2020 U.S. Home Insurance Study, as well as available coverages and discounts, and policy features.


USAA provides insurance exclusively to active military members, veterans and their immediate families. J.D. consistently gives it top marks. It is a strong performer in customer satisfaction. However, it does not meet the criteria for an official ranking because of its eligibility restrictions. USAA offers the lowest home insurance premium in Tuscaloosa if you are eligible for coverage. You have the option of coverage for loss of use, home sharing and earthquake insurance. Bundling, having protection devices, or being free from claims can help you save.

State Farm

State Farm has received above-average customer satisfaction scores. The company also has many local agents available to assist you with any insurance questions. You may want to customize your coverage with a personal articles policy for your valuables and keepsakes. State Farm offers discounts to help reduce your home insurance premium. Ask about discounts for roofing materials or home alarm systems.


With above-average customer satisfaction, Allstate might be a great fit for new homeowners with new homebuyer and welcome discounts. Savings can be made by signing early and getting loyalty discounts. You also get savings when you are not covered by claims. Allstate doesn’t skimp on coverage. Additional endorsements may include coverage for yard and garden, electronic data recovery, and coverage for business property.

All over the country

Although Nationwide’s customer satisfaction score is below average, the company does offer some unique coverages that may make up for this. The Better Roof Replacement endorsement is particularly appealing; if your roof is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss and you have this coverage on your policy, Nationwide will repair or replace your roof with stronger, safer materials. You can save on protective devices, for policyholders with no claims, for policyholders who live in a gated community, and for policyholders who have previous insurance.


Auto-Owners has one of the highest customer satisfaction scores. Although the average premium for this company is higher than Tuscaloosa, there are many ways to save. You can save money by purchasing multiple policies, opting to pay in paperless, choosing full payment, and not being subject to claims. Your home can save you money, too, if you have a water shut-off system or automatic backup generator, and you might get an extra discount if you are mortgage-free.

Tuscaloosa home insurance options

Alabama does not require home insurance. However, if your lender has a mortgage on your house or another type of loan, they will likely require you to have sufficient dwelling coverage to cover the loan balance. Even if you own your home outright, home insurance is often a smart purchase to protect your finances if your home is damaged by a covered peril. These coverages may be added to your insurance portfolio.

  • Flood insurance: Flood insurance is not included with a standard home insurance policy, but it may be an important purchase for some homeowners. Private insurance companies may sell flood insurance. Many companies also offer flood insurance policies through the National Flood Insurance Program.
  • Water backup coverage: The damage that can result from water backing up from a drain or sewer line can be severe. Although this type of water damage is more common in crawl spaces and basements, it can also happen elsewhere in your home. As an endorsement to homeowners insurance policies, water backup coverage is often offered. It’s sometimes called drain or sewer backup.
  • Tornado coverage: There is no specific coverage called “tornado insurance,” but you may want to talk to your agent about how your insurance policy covers tornado and wind damage. Talk to an insurance professional about your personal property, dwelling and loss of use coverages so you’re ready for the possibility that you have to file a claim in the event of a tornado or other severe weather.

Tuscaloosa home insurance discounts

There are still ways you can save more, even though home insurance rates are lower in Tuscaloosa than in Alabama. Many home insurance companies offer discounts you may be able use to lower your premium. These discounts can help you get cheap Tuscaloosa home insurance. These are some of the most common discounts available in the region:

  • Bundle discounts: Combining your auto, home, condo, or renters insurance can help you save a lot on both policies. Bundling discounts are offered by some companies for insurance products such as life and business insurance.
  • Discounts on billing: Billing discounts can help you save money. For example, signing up for paperless statements or having your payments automatically taken from your account. You could also pay your premium fully.
  • Property discounts: Certain features in your home could help you lower your insurance premium. Sometimes, home alarm systems, hail-resistant roofing, and upgraded plumbing or HVAC systems can qualify for savings.

Many companies offer welcome discounts or loyalty programs that could lower your average Tuscaloosa homeowner’s insurance premium. Although you can easily review discounts offered by companies online, discounts may vary from one state to another. Talking with a licensed agent here in Tuscaloosa could help you find ways to save.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

The best home insurance company is different for everyone. You will choose the company that suits your needs best. A company with high customer service standards, specific coverages, or a mobile application might be what you are looking for. You might find the right company for you by getting quotes from multiple providers.

What is the cost of Tuscaloosa home insurance?

The average cost of home insurance in Tuscaloosa is $1,423 per year for $250,000 of dwelling coverage, which is much cheaper than the average Alabama homeowners policy that costs $1,624 per year. Tuscaloosa homeowners spend more than the $1,312 annual national average cost for home insurance.

What amount of Tuscaloosa home insurance do you need?

You will need to insure your home to cover the mortgage and home loan. Insurance professionals recommend that your home be insured to the full value of its replacement value, regardless of whether you have a mortgage. Your liability requirements should be considered. You can increase your liability by increasing the amount of coverage.