Best cheap homeowners insurance in Waco

To encourage more people to buy, Waco offers first-time homeowner programs. Finding the right home insurance coverage that protects your property against the unexpected is an important part of getting a mortgage. For $250,000 of dwelling coverage, the average Waco, Texas home insurance rate is $1,700 annually. Texas home insurance is more expensive than the average of $14,77 per year due to the many perils Texas is exposed to.

Waco’s best home insurance company

Bankrate has compiled pricing information from the top home insurance providers in Waco, to give you a list of affordable options. To find the best local insurers, we considered pricing, customer service, and coverage. Although some local carriers may be more affordable than others, they are still not big enough to receive third-party ratings by J.D. These providers may be worth looking at because of the local advantages and competitive rates.

Home Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Premium for 250K LiabilityJ.D. J.D.
Bankers Ins Grp$323NR
Texas Farm Bureau Mut Grp$407NR
Lighthouse Prop Ins Corp$558NR
State Farm$1,187829

Bankers Insurance Group

Bankers Insurance is the best home insurance company in Waco for seniors. They have a dedicated hotline, and a Senior care manager who can help older homeowners understand their unique needs. Eldercare advocates are available to policyholders over 65. Bankers Insurance could be the right carrier for you, whether you’re a senior homeowner looking for affordable coverage or simply want to get care and attention from a local provider.

Texas Farm Bureau

Texas Farm Bureau may not be rated in the J.D. The Texas Farm Bureau may not be ranked in the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey, but it is one of the most highly recommended carriers in Texas. Texas has many agents available, and they can provide an HO-3 policy at $407 per year on a $250,000 house. Rates can vary based on the homeowner’s individual situation so it is important that you get a quote. For Texas Farm Bureau, contact the agent directly or visit a local agent.


Lighthouse Insurance provides full-service insurance, including home and flood insurance as well as auto coverage. Bundle all of your insurance needs with the provider to maximize savings. A breakdown endorsement can be added to a basic homeowners policy to cover repairs or replacements for costly home systems like an HVAC, water heater, or appliances.


Universal aims to make it easy for you to shop for and manage your home insurance. It is easy to get a quote for homeowners insurance online. Once you have created an online account, it is possible to file a claim via the web portal. You can also upload documents or images whenever you want. Many homeowners consider it a priority to have an online way to track and manage their policy.

State Farm

State Farm’s Waco home insurance rates are very competitive considering that it is a nationwide provider. State Farm offers many options for homeowners who are open to new possibilities. State Farm offers a wide range of discounts and coverage options to help you create a customized home insurance policy that suits your needs. A national provider offers many benefits, including the ability to work with local agents or manage your home insurance through an app or online platform.

Waco home insurance tips

Waco homeowners need to protect their homes from fire, burglary, and storms like tornadoes, hail, and heavy rain. These coverages could be helpful for homeowners looking for home insurance in this state.

  • Personal property endorsement: If your valuables include antiques, collectible watches, or expensive jewelry, an endorsement will ensure that they are replaced in the event of a loss.
  • Water backup: If a sewer is clogged or a sump pump fails during or before a major storm, it could lead to more expensive and serious problems. Water backups aren’t usually covered by HO-3 policies. Water backup endorsement provides coverage for leaks or clogs.
  • Flood insurance: Floods aren’t covered by HO-3 policies. Flood insurance can be purchased through FEMA, or other private providers. It is essential to protect your home against the unexpected.

Waco home insurance discounts

To find affordable home insurance in Waco, compare quotes from multiple home insurance companies. To determine if switching to home insurance is worth it, compare the quotes. The following home insurance discounts are popular and can save you as much as 5% to 20% on your premiums.

  • Security system: A smart home or professionally-monitored alarm system serves to deter thieves and may lower your home insurance costs.
  • Military: Retired or active military personnel may be eligible for a discount to show appreciation for their service.
  • Autopay: This ensures that you don’t miss a payment or suffer an accidental lapse in coverage. Automatic payments can often earn you a discount.
  • You can claim-free: Home insurance companies offer discounts on premiums for those who do not file claims for injuries or losses.

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best company for home insurance?

Your unique circumstances will determine which Waco home insurance company is best for you. The most affordable Waco home insurance companies are Texas Farm Bureau, Texas Farm Bureau and State Farm.

What is the cost of Waco home insurance?

Waco’s home insurance is slightly cheaper than other Texas cities, but it is still less expensive than the national average. Waco’s average annual cost for coverage on a home worth $250,000 is $1,700

How can I get cheap home insurance Waco rates

You can get quotes from several carriers to find affordable home insurance in Waco. You can compare them close based on the factors and priorities that matter most to you.