Best credit cards with buy now pay later options

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) apps allow you to make online purchases with interest-free installments – an ideal solution when purchasing items you want but can’t afford right away.

Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions carefully so as to not overextension yourself, as BNPL apps may report credit information back to bureaus. Be mindful that BNPL apps may report your activity.

American Express

American Express is an industry-leading card issuer and credit card processing network, offering credit and prepaid debit cards to individuals as well as businesses alike. They also have various loyalty programs designed to attract new customers; American Express’ cards usually boast higher credit limits than their rivals Visa or Mastercard and come equipped with premium features, such as access to airport lounges or airline-specific perks; in addition, purchase protection and concierge service are among their many features.

American Express also provides cards tailored specifically to specific types of travelers, like luxury travellers. Their Platinum Card from American Express, for instance, is an attractive choice with access to over 1,400 lounges worldwide as well as travel statement credits each year – but comes at the cost of an annual fee. Nevertheless, many travel enthusiasts find these privileges more than worth their while!

This card is intended to meet the needs of travelers looking to earn points or miles with every dollar spent, with an attractive welcome offer that provides up to $300 in statement credits and bonus points on initial purchases. As these perks only last a limited time, make sure that you take full advantage of them before they expire!

American Express stands out as an all-round payment network and merchant services provider, accepting cards at more than 80 million businesses nationwide according to a 2022 Nilson report – making it the third-most widely accepted credit card behind Visa and Mastercard.

For optimal use of an American Express card, it’s crucial to understand its features and benefits. You can access a comprehensive list of features by visiting either its website or mobile app; similarly, their Amex Offers section showcases offers exclusively available for Amex cardholders while others can be utilized by any cardholder.


Credit cards can be an effective tool to build credit, earn rewards and save money. Citi offers various credit card products with unique features tailored specifically for different needs; whether that is building credit, earning cash back or expanding Costco membership, there’s sure to be something available that fits.

The Citi Simplicity Card is an excellent option for those seeking rewards without incurring an annual fee. Offering a flat rate of 2% cash back across all purchases – higher than most rewards cards – without needing to track bonus categories or limit how much cash back can be earned, it makes a smart addition to any financial portfolio.

Citi offers many other perks to help save you money and manage your debt effectively, such as fraud monitoring tools that detect suspicious activity and notify you via text, email or phone if anything suspicious happens – these tools may help avoid late fees or penalties; in addition to protecting your identity by spotting potential threats beforehand.

Citi makes finding the ideal credit card simple with a wide variety of choices and unrivaled benefits, so you can find something tailored to your lifestyle. Choose a rewards credit card to earn rewards on every purchase or choose an add-on card such as complimentary airport lounge access or air accident insurance cover. Or if you’re an avid traveler, give Citi PremierMiles credit cards a try to unlock faster miles that can be redeemed for loyalty membership programs of multiple airlines.

Citi offers a selection of credit cards tailored specifically to business travelers. Their cards feature long 0 percent intro APR periods and various benefits like concierge service and complimentary travel upgrades; others even provide special rewards for transferring balances or making frequent purchases – the Citi Double Cash Card being one of these, boasting high rewards rates without an annual fee and offering generous sign-up bonuses and no foreign transaction fees.


BNPL options can make large purchases easier to afford, by helping to avoid interest and fees and even reaping rewards. Before using these services, it’s essential that you understand their costs and benefits thoroughly; companies like HSN, QVC, Klarna and Affirm provide financing plans with payment schedules to accommodate consumers without sufficient funds immediately available for purchases.

Many BNPL services also allow you to use your own bank account as a means of paying off the balance, which may prove invaluable if you struggle to meet repayment deadlines. Using your own account helps avoid overdraft fees and interest charges from credit cards; just ensure your accounts contain enough funds when payment comes due.

JPMorgan Chase Bank stands out among BNPL providers as one of the biggest players, offering personal and business credit cards with low rates and generous rewards. Furthermore, this bank features an award-winning mobile banking app as well as numerous branches and ATMs across the U.S. Customers can deposit checks and transfers using Zelle and benefit from budgeting tools, savings features and fraud monitoring features within its app.

Chase offers several cards compatible with BNPL apps, such as Blue Cash Everyday and Preferred credit cards. When used with these applications, these cards enable customers to choose either four equal payments over six weeks, or monthly installments up to 48 months; plus there is a 0% introductory Plan It fee for new Card Members!

Citi Simplicity Card, one of the many credit cards with BNPL options, features an APR of zero percent for its first 12 months and no annual fee; you can transfer unused balances from other cards onto this one. Furthermore, its rewards are competitive with similar cards in this category and it can easily be applied for.

Bank of America

Bank of America is the second-largest bank in the US and offers an array of banking and credit card products tailored specifically for consumers. Customers can access their funds at 3,900 branches nationwide as well as 16,000 ATMs. Online bill pay and mobile apps from Apple and Android allow easy tracking spending, balance checks and money transfers; customer service representatives are responsive and helpful as well.

Bank of America offers several credit cards with attractive rewards features, including cash back and travel reward points. Some cards also support charitable causes or offer special deals from participating retailers, and their Preferred Rewards program offers higher earning potential for those who maintain checking or savings accounts with them.

Bank of America offers several accounts that provide buy now pay later options, with Advantage SafeBalance Checking being one of the cheapest options with just $25 minimum opening deposit required and free debit cards and Zelle person-to-person payments included in its services. You may also choose from higher tier checking accounts which offer features like paper checks and overdraft protection.

Bank of America offers many advantages to consumers, yet has received mostly subpar reviews from TrustPilot and failed to make the top tier of J.D. Power’s U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study rankings. Still, with such an expansive customer base and presence it remains an excellent option for many consumers – including cash back cards as well as cards designed specifically for students or those developing their credit.

Bank of America can be an ideal option if branch and ATM access is important to you, while you don’t mind paying monthly fees. Though its interest rates on savings and CDs are lower than Chase, their relationship perks may make up for this shortcoming. Plus, this bank also offers loans such as mortgages, refinancing options, home equity lines of credit and home improvement loans to meet every financial need.