Best homeowners insurance in Hartford


In Connecticut , two thirds of the residents own their homes. This is great news for building equity, but not so good news for those who are unable to keep their homes. Your home insurance can help you deal with the aftermath of theft, fire, or an interaction with a litigious neighbor.

If you have a policy, it’s possible. You should shop around for policies that cover you against wind damage, theft and fire damage as well as liability and water damage. Personal property coverage should be sufficient to cover all the items you own in case they are damaged by a covered event.

Hartford has the best home insurance

We conducted extensive research to find the best Hartford homeowners’ insurance companies. We compared their J.D.s, their coverage options, and the price of their policies. Power Ranking for customer satisfaction. These are our top picks, taking all that into consideration.

Insurance company for homeownersLiving in a $250K home, the average annual premiumJ.D. J.D.
Allstate$1,234829 / 1000
Amica$1,015853 / 1000
MetLife$900824 / 1000
State Farm$797829 / 1000
USAA$1,152889 / 1000


Allstate has received high ratings from third-parties such as J.D. Power and provides a detailed, informative website that allows people to research the company before they commit to a plan. Allstate offers many coverage options and discounts. Allstate also offers insurance for homeowners, renters and business owners, as well as pet, event, and motorcycle policies.

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Amica provides auto, home and retirement insurance. It is a one-stop shop for those looking to save money and take advantage of bundled discounts. Amica’s median rate is based on Hartford, CT’s best homeowners insurance companies. However, they have high customer satisfaction ratings. Amica ranks third behind Country Financial and USAA in the 2020 Home Insurance Study, and second on the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Claims Satisfaction Survey.


Metlife offers competitive pricing and additional insurance options, such as vision, dental, disability, life, and life. Metlife has partnered with many organizations to offer group discounts, payment plans, and identity protection services for eligible policyholders.

State Farm

State Farm is a solid rating by third parties and offers an easy-to use website. People may save money by taking advantage of the variety of discounts. State Farm offers umbrella, car, motorcycle, boat, and business insurance.


USAA offers great home, auto, and life insurance options for military veterans and eligible family members. J.D. gives USAA high ratings. USAA has high ratings from J.D. for claims satisfaction and home insurance. This proves that you get what your pay for. USAA, Hartford, CT’s best homeowner insurance carrier, offers excellent customer service.

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Hartford homeowners insurance average cost

The state’s average annual cost is $1076, which compares to the national average cost of $1,477 annually. This is due in part to Connecticut’s hurricane exposure. Although not located directly at the coast, Hartford residents still experience hurricanes and the destruction that it brings.

Although you may pay more to insure Hartford your home than those who live further inland in Massachusetts (and are therefore better protected from hurricane season), it is still cheaper than paying the same amount for people who live along the coast. Massachusetts residents can expect to pay $1,096 for their homeowners insurance, while Rhode Islanders will pay an average of $1,258.

Hartford Home Insurance Considerations

It is important to understand which coverages you should choose in Hartford, CT to find the best home insurance. Experts in home insurance recommend that you have coverage that covers your financial losses from the most common causes of loss in Connecticut.

Hartford common losses

According to the Insurance Information Institute wind and hail are the most common claims. However, fire and lighting are the most expensive. One in twenty homes that have insurance will file a claim every year, according to estimates.

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Connecticut is #14 on the list of storm surge risk. This makes Hartford residents more vulnerable to hail, wind, and flood damage. Hurricane Sandy, which was the second-costliest hurricane in the United States, ravaged Connecticut and the Northeast.

Although most Hartford homeowners insurance companies offer hail and wind coverage , it is not included in the standard home insurance policy. To protect their property and home from flood damage, residents may want to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

Hartford Common Coverage

There are many coverages included in the basic homeowners insurance policy. Every company has different options for coverage and add-ons. These additional coverages can be purchased for more protection.

  • Additional living expenses: Also known as Loss of Use, this coverage covers the extra cost to temporarily live somewhere if you are displaced from your home by a covered loss. You may also be eligible for clothing, food, and gas.
  • Guaranteed replacement cost: Inflation can have an impact on many things including the cost of construction. Your dwelling and belongings coverage is guaranteed to increase each year in line with inflation. This means that even if your home has been completely destroyed by a covered loss it can still be rebuilt at current rates.
  • Personal liability: This can provide financial protection in the event that you are sued for something you did, or caused.
  • Scheduled high-value items Many companies offer the ability to schedule high-value items by providing a receipt or an appraisal.
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Questions frequently asked

What is the best Hartford homeowners insurance?

The cost of your home insurance will depend on many factors. These include the value of your house, the safety of your neighbors, and your credit score. To ensure you get the best insurance policy for your budget, it is important to compare quotes from as many providers as possible.

How can I get Hartford homeowners insurance?

Each of the insurance providers we mentioned above will allow you to start the quote process directly from its website. You can get your quote and your policy in just a few clicks.

What amount of home insurance do you need?

Experts recommend that you have sufficient coverage to cover you in case of major disasters. However, the higher your premium, the less you will pay. Many insurers provide a calculator that you can use to determine how much coverage you need. A local agent can give you peace of mind by ensuring that you are getting the right coverage.

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