Best homeowners insurance in Washington, D.C.

The current rate for home ownership in Washington D.C. stands at 41.6%. This is well below the 65.8% national average. Washington, D.C. homeowners insurance is cheaper than the national average. D.C. residents pay $902 per year for a policy that covers $250,000 of dwelling coverage, which is lower than the national rate of $1.477. You can compare multiple companies and determine what coverages are necessary to find the best homeowners policy company for your situation.

The best home insurance companies in Washington D.C.

Bankrate compared multiple carriers to determine which one is the best home insurer in Washington D.C. Other variables and third-party rating agencies also help to compare them. The 2020 J.D. Ratings The 2020 J.D. also considered customer satisfaction and financial stability studies. Also, coverage options and discounts were evaluated.

The criteria you use to choose the best home insurer may not be the same as the ones you have used. It is a good idea to compare multiple insurance companies in order to get the best rates and ensure you have the coverage you require.


Although the Washington, D.C. average Allstate premium is slightly higher that the state average, rates for a 250k dwelling are lower than the national average. The customer service ratings are excellent and the policy customization options are great. Allstate offers many policy options, including protection for your yard, garden, and identity theft protection.


Chubb is the biggest publicly traded insurance company in the world. This size has many benefits for Washington D.C. homeowners. Chubb also offers unique coverage options such as Extended replacement cost. This is in addition to having the lowest rates of all providers. The policy pays the actual cost of rebuilding your home, regardless of whether it exceeds your policy limits. The HomeScan service checks your home for potential hazards, fault wiring, and leaks.

State Farm

State Farm earned an 883 point out of 1,000 in 2020 J.D. The industry average is 881. State Farm’s A++ (Superior AM Best) rating reflects the outstanding financial stability and health. State Farm provides the standard homeowners insurance options, including liability, dwelling coverage, and personal property. However the savings and discounts that are available may impact the affordability of your rates. Bundling auto and home policies could help you save as much as $965, according to State Farm. Installing smoke detectors or alarm systems may also be a great way to save.


Travelers has an outstanding A++ AM Best Rating which indicates financial strength. For homeowners, Travelers offers a variety of coverage options, including special property coverage. This provides a wider coverage than a standard policy. If you have additional items to protect, you can insure jewelry, silverware, and furs with high value coverage.


USAA has the highest customer service scores of all reviewed providers, scoring 909 points out of 1,000 from J.D. USAA is technically ineligible for power, even though it has limited eligibility. Although Washington D.C.’s homeowners insurance rates are competitive, USAA has strict eligibility requirements. To be eligible for coverage, you must be an active military member, a member of your immediate family or a veteran. These requirements will allow you to access a variety of military-friendly policies, including replacement cost, loss reimbursement for living expenses, and identity theft coverage.

Average cost of homeowners insurance in Washington, D.C.

Washington D.C.’s average homeowners insurance cost is $902 per year, which is significantly lower than the average national of $1,477. Washington D.C. is susceptible to natural disasters such as hail and storms. This is similar to other states in mid-Atlantic. Washington D.C. has a lower cost of living than its neighboring states. Virginia’s average cost is $1,013 per year, while Maryland’s average cost is $1,113 per annum.

Washington, D.C.: Home insurance considerations

Consider the following coverages and factors before you make a decision about Washington, D.C. homeowners’ insurance. The amount of coverage you need could be affected by factors such as flooding, volatile weather and higher crime rates.

Washington, D.C. common losses

FEMA declared 20 disasters within the Washington D.C. area since 1953. Knowing which disasters have occurred will help you tailor your insurance policy to suit your needs. The following are common disasters that can be found in the region:

Other than these disasters and hazardous conditions, other factors such as higher criminal rates can also impact the loss.

Washington, D.C. Recommended coverages

You will find specific coverages in your Washington D.C. homeowners policy that cover common losses or damages. Some coverages are standard but others can be customized to provide a complete policy.

  • Dwelling coverage: In case of common causes such as fire, smoke, hail and storms, this rebuilds the. Your preferences and risk concerns may dictate whether you need higher dwelling coverage.
  • Additional structures: This policy option covers additional structures such as detached garages or tool sheds.
  • Personal Property Protection: This covers items that you have in your home, including furniture, clothing, electronics, and other items. If your items are damaged or destroyed by a covered peril such as fire or theft, this coverage will reimburse you. Talk to your insurance agent about the limits that are necessary for your security.
  • Flood insurance – It’s possible that you will need separate flood insurance because Washington D.C. has areas at risk of flooding. To determine if your area is affected by higher flood rate, you can either use the online tools or consult a licensed agent for adequate coverage.

Questions frequently asked

How can I get cheap homeowners insurance in Washington D.C.

It may be helpful to compare different carriers in order to find the lowest homeowners insurance in Washington D.C.. Rates vary widely between carriers. You can also review any discounts that you might be eligible for with each carrier in order to make sure you are getting the most out of them all.

What is the best Washington D.C. homeowners insurance?

To determine which provider offers the best homeowners insurance in Washington D.C. there are many factors that are considered. These include competitive rates as well as customer satisfaction, financial strength, and digital tools. While these providers may be a good starting point for comparison-shopping they are not the best for every homeowner. It is dependent on your coverage needs and preferences.