Best life insurance for runners

You might think that you will pay much less for life insurance if you’re a runner. When they set your rate and underwrite your policy, the best life insurance companies take into consideration your overall health. Running is good for your health and should result in lower premiums from life insurance companies. You might think so.

Is life insurance for runners more affordable? It depends. When determining if you can expect lower premiums or how to get the best life coverage for runners, there are many things to take into consideration.

Are there any implications for life insurance rates if you are a runner?

There is no direct correlation between running and lower rates on life insurance. Running may be a way to lower your policy’s cost, just as quitting smoking could. Life insurance companies will consider a variety of factors when calculating a quote. These include your age and your level of physical activity.

Your health is important to life insurance companies. The premiums you will pay are more likely to be lower if you are healthier. They might also consider the health benefits you get from your running routine.

  • Regular running is linked to better heart health. There have been numerous studies. Specifically, regularly running can study said, “Scientific evidence accumulating on the primary prevention of Cancer.” Running can help you stay active and reduce your chance of getting any of the many types of cancer.
  • Longer life expectancy: An study published by The Journal of the American College of Cardiology showed that runners have a 30-45% decrease in death from any cause. Researchers also found that runners have a three-year increase in life expectancy.

Running offers many other benefits such as stress management and increased self-confidence. These may not have a direct impact on your health, but they could be a factor in your life insurance premiums.

Some life insurance companies offer life insurance that is lower for runners, as running can have a positive impact on your health. Similar rates are likely for other activities that can boost your health, such as swimming or cycling.

Best life insurance for runners

Life insurance policies for runners can be more affordable, so you might consider looking into life insurance companies that will take into account your weekly mileage.

Aiming to be at the top tier in life insurance classifications can help you score lower rates. Life insurance companies view you as an ideal insurable and will offer you the best rate for the policy that you choose if you are in the top tier.

Insurance classifications for lifeSignificance
Super Preferred/Preferred PlusInsurance companies give you a gold star if you live a healthy and active lifestyle. This classification is available to those who have a clean record, no criminal records, and a family that is healthy.
Standard Plus/PreferredThis is not the best classification but it can help you get more affordable life insurance. This classification could be for someone who is relatively healthy, but has a family history or current medication.
StandardThis category covers most people, but there are some risks. A higher BMI, a condition, or risk are all reasons that you might be considered a standard insured.
SubstandardThis classification is for people who are obese or have severe health issues. You may be more risky to insure because of your lower overall health.

You could be considered for the “super preferred” or “preferred plus” categories if you are a runner who eats well and has no family history of health problems. Life insurance underwriters view you as a whole. This means that things such as a heart attack or a family history of high cholesterol may affect your ability to be classified.

Get quotes from several insurance companies is the best way to determine which classification you fall under.

Before you do this, take the time to decide what type of life insurance you want and how much death benefits you want. You can use this life insurance calculator to quickly review your policy options:

Term life

Term insurance is the most affordable form of life insurance. It expires at the end of the term. This policy type is the simplest and most affordable. It typically offers only the death benefit, with no other perks. A term policy is a good option if you’re looking for life insurance that runs well and are tight on budget.

Your whole life

whole-life coverage is a good option if you’re looking for life insurance policies that cover runners. There are many options because whole life policies, also known as permanent insurance, come with a cash-value component that can work differently depending on which policy type you choose.

For healthy people, life insurance

You might not see the incredible price point you expected when you are looking for life insurance companies that cater to runners when you receive quotes. Companies like HealthIQ are interested in connecting healthy people with special discounts for activity like running. This could result in lower life insurance costs.

Bankrate offers a guide to switching if you are eligible for insurance savings.

Additional considerations when purchasing life insurance

When underwriting life insurance policies, for runners, insurance companies will want to know more than just your average speed and mileage. Other considerations to be considered include:

  • Your personal health history. Running may make you healthier. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be in perfect health. Insurance companies will examine your past health history and current conditions. They also want to know which medications you are currently taking.
  • Your family’s health history: Even if your health is excellent, it could affect your chances of getting the best rate. Insurance companies will look at your family history for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other conditions.
  • Your lifestyle: If you smoke or drink heavily, you are considered to be more at-risk by an insurer. This means that you will pay more. Your hobbies are important to insurers. Because of the high-risk nature of certain activities, such as mountain climbing or scuba diving, life insurance could be more costly even if you are still active.

Companies that underwrite life insurance for runners look at each person as a whole when they do so. Get quotes to find out how much you’d pay for a policy. Running can still have a positive impact on your health and premiums. If you’re looking for savings, keep running to maximize your chances of gaining a healthy habit.