Best roadside assistance

There are many places you can get roadside assistance plans, including your car insurance, credit card companies, and organizations. However, not all plans are the same. You should read the fine print before you purchase a plan. This includes information about the cost, coverage and who you are covered.

What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance can be purchased to help you when your car is not able to move. This service can be used to help you get your car moving again, regardless of whether you are experiencing fuel shortages or locked out of your vehicle. You can call the company that you have a plan or book assistance through an app if you need help.

Prices for roadside assistance vary depending on the location and services included. A plan can be purchased through many sources including your vehicle manufacturer, cell phone company, or other organizations. You can compare different plans to find the best deal.

What is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance coverage can vary from one carrier to the next, but typically it covers:

  • Towing services
  • Lockout
  • Tire change
  • Jump-start battery
  • Fuel delivery
  • Services for winching (when your car gets stuck in ice or snow)

The best roadside assistance providers

The place you buy your roadside assistance plan will impact not only the cost but also the coverage. Although cost is important, ensure you get the coverage you need for your driving habits.

AAA and Better World Club

AAA and Better World Club offer roadside support plans that can be purchased and offer a range of coverage options. All services, such as winching, flat tire repair and fuel delivery are covered by both organizations. Each member is entitled to a maximum of three to five service calls each year.

Basic roadside assistance packages with Better World Club start at $58.95 per annum and include towing up to 5 miles. Roadside assistance plans cost the same as AAA but vary depending on where you live. These plans are great for drivers who travel a lot or drive a high-mileage year. Both AAA and Better World Club plans include trip interruption service. This reimburses you for any costs you incur if your car breaks down or you are injured., a relatively new company in the roadside assistance market, uses AI technology to connect users with service providers. You can call the member to get assistance. The app allows you to track the progress of your calls. offers many options including tire change, lockout, winching, towing, lockout, and tire changing. Although the membership price varies depending upon where you live, it is comparable to AAA and Better World Club. uses AI technology to show you the price for your service upfront. This is a great service for people who want to see upfront pricing on repairs or service. Reviews of roadside assistance often mention great communication and quick service as pluses.

Manufacturers of cars

Many car manufacturers offer a free plan for roadside assistance when you buy a car. However, the coverage is only valid for a certain number of years or miles. This service is typically transferred with the car, so you can buy a used car with a plan remaining.

Simple services like towing, fuel delivery and tire changing can be expected. The extra benefits like trip interruption service or discounts are not usually included. The coverage is only for the vehicle, so you will not be covered if you’re riding in another vehicle. You are limited to service providers who work with your car manufacturer.

Mobile phone companies

AT&T and Verizon both offer roadside assistance plans starting from $2.99 per month if your cell phone plan includes roadside assistance. However, you can also purchase a roadside service plan even if the customer is not currently a wireless customer.

These plans provide basic roadside assistance coverage, including winching, towing and fuel delivery. You can request assistance within 24 hours of signing up, unlike other plans which require you wait for 72 hours.

Companies that issue credit cards

Check with your credit card company if you are interested in using a pay per use model to get assistance. Many cards include roadside assistance as part of your annual fee. Another benefit is that you can request the service as many times as you wish, provided you pay for each incident.

Insurance companies for cars

Most auto insurance companies offer optional roadside assistance coverage. This coverage can be rolled into your existing policy and is available to all policyholders. Each company has its own coverage plan. These range from pay-per service to a specific number of incidents per year. Geico is one example of an insurance company that requires you to have collision and comprehensive coverage to buy a roadside assistance policy.

Who is in need of roadside assistance?

If your credit card or car insurance doesn’t provide coverage, you may want to add roadside assistance.

You may need additional help in other situations. You may need additional assistance from a plan if you:

  • Use an older car
  • Long commute
  • Are you planning a road trip?
  • You can take advantage of the other benefits that come with a roadside assistance program
  • You want more peace of mind when driving

Questions frequently asked

Which is the best auto insurance company?

Bankrate has reviewed many auto insurance companies, and rated State Farm highest with a 3.93 rating out of 5. This rating is based upon customer satisfaction scores, financial strength, and competitive premium rates.

If I have auto insurance, do I need to add roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is often an option for auto insurance companies. However, it might not be available if your policy includes collision and comprehensive. This coverage does not typically include travel discounts or benefits, but only covers basic roadside assistance.

Is a roadside assistance policy available for everyone in my household?

It all depends on who provides your roadside assistance plan. Car manufacturers have a limit on the vehicle that can be used, regardless of who is driving it. You may also need to purchase family coverage through AAA.