Big Laws and Little Laws Can All Can Affect Your Auto Insurance Quotes

News flash: Insurance companies punish people who break traffic laws. How? By hiking your auto insurance quotes. Although the rates and the duration of each premium change can be very different, neither the insurance companies or the local law will take offense to any infractions.

There are some things you should do when driving that will make it easy for local law enforcement to notice. This is, in most cases, the last thing you want.

Speeding – This is the most serious traffic offense.

Reckless endangerment is driving that places others in danger. You can only be guilty of reckless endangerment if you do something extraordinary, like driving 80 through a work zone. However, each state has its own definition so for this article, we will just say that you don’t want it.

Driving While Under the Influence or Intoxicated – Don’t do it. You could be sent to jail or even killed if you have just one beer. You can inflict serious injury to another vehicle, regardless of whether they’re parked or not. Even worse is leaving the scene.

These might seem obvious but there are others that could be equally dangerous that can still count against your license in many states and therefore your insurance premiums.

Parking illegally

Run a red light, stop sign or stop sign

Affirming a sign or light by turning against it

Refusal to yield to traffic, or right-of-way

Disabled turn signals and brake lights

Unsafe transport of a large load

Use the carpool lane with insufficient passengers

You may find some laws unfair, especially if they have an impact on your auto insurance rates for at least 5 years. Can a taxpayer who paid for a road be denied the use of a carpool lane? It’s arguable.

You can find many more laws that make different degrees of sense, listed below by state. While some of these laws may seem insurmountable, one must remember that they are there for a reason. If you are caught, it is up to the officer on the scene to decide whether or not to enforce them.

New York: Motor vehicle driving is not permitted for blind people (New York). This makes you wonder why the law was passed.

It is against the law for cars to be driven in reverse Parts of Arizona – Park well

A housecoat is not permitted on women (California). However, a bikini is fine.

The speed limit for a vehicle that is not driven by a driver is 60 mph (California). – The driver is still responsible for the moving violation.

In certain areas of Connecticut, eating in your vehicle is prohibited. You can still pick up items at the drive, but you should wait until you get home to eat them.

Spitting from a vehicle or bus is an offense. It is legal to spit from a truck. (Georgia) – ‘Nuff said.

Youngston (Ohio) may not have enough gas. This could be considered a parking violation.

Oregon’s ticketable offense is to leave a car door open for longer than necessary. Before you travel to this state, practice is possible.

Driving without shoes is against the law (Virginia). Officers still enforce this rule occasionally, even if they have just taken your shoes off!

Traffic laws are generally designed to protect the public. Some would argue that it is fair that those who break traffic laws pay twice: once with a ticket, and again with a higher premium. Others argue that the ticket is sufficient punishment. (Have any of you ever seen the court costs? No matter which side you are on, it is important to keep your auto insurance quotes intact.