“Big Rig” Insurance – What to Look For in a Commercial Truck Insurance Policy

Independent owner/operator need “Big Rig” insurance. An owner/operator in today’s competitive commercial trucking industry must be a smart businessman and obtain the best insurance at a low premium.

Do you love sun-soaked afternoons on the coast or mountain roads? Can you close your eyes to see the highway stretching out in front of you, all the way to where the horizon is?

You might be the family’s big rig. Are you a husband and wife driving together?

Are you someone who likes being independent and working for yourself? Are you a leased or independent operator?

Do you have more than one truck?

No matter your reason for owning or operating a semi-truck commercially, you will require commercial truck insurance. All commercial truck insurance policies may not be the same.

These are the features and coverages that you should be looking for when searching for commercial truck insurance.

Accept only A-rated insurance companies so that you can rest assured that your insurance company will cover you for any losses.
Comprehensive Coverage: Protection against non-collision loss such as fire smoke, windstorms and theft, lightning, hail or animals, vandalism, low branches, and overhangs.
Replacement cost coverage – for your personal property that is lost, damaged, or destroyed
When your vehicle collides with something, you can get coverage for physical damage/collision.
You can get replacement cost coverage on your vehicle. This covers the cost of replacing it with a new vehicle of similar quality and type. The Actual Cash Value is what most policies pay for total losses.
Buy high liability limits to get inexpensive coverage. Don’t compromise on coverages, but make sure you don’t compromise here. Truck accident lawyers love to win big jury awards for personal injury.
Attached accessories coverage includes running lights and antennas. It also covers custom wheels, paint, satellite dishes, custom wheels, and chrome. Customizing equipment is not covered by many insurance policies. Make sure yours does.
Non-Trucking Liability or “Bob-Tail”, covers you when your rig is being used at times that are not dispatched.
Motor Truck Cargo Legal Insurance – protects your load against certain damages.
Trailer Interchange coverage – If you have a trailer exchange agreement, this coverage will protect you while you are in possession of a container/trailer that you don’t own.
A trailer interchange agreement refers to a contract to transport a trailer from one trucker or another to complete a shipment.
Refrigeration Breakdown Endorsement: Provides coverage up to a specific limit on the schedule for spoilage or perishable stocks while they are in transit on a vehicle.
Non-owned trailer – This is third-party coverage for trailers you haul that are owned by another entity.
In case your unit is destroyed or damaged by an insured loss, you can get lodging or travel reimbursements back to home.
Towing and Roadside Assistance – First dollar coverage, no out of pocket costs for towing or flat tire changes, fuel delivery, and locksmith services.
Occupational Accident Insurance – Pays your medical bills for certain accidents that you are involved in while you work. Essential coverage for those who don’t have their own health insurance.

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We may require additional information such as driver lists, equipment lists, MVRs, and loss runs.

There are many discounts available to commercial trucking insurances, including:

Safety Course
Prior Insurance
Renewal discount for continuing coverage

There are many payment options and deductibles available. Your premiums will be lower if you choose a higher deductible. Flexible payment options will allow you to manage your budget.

These strategies will ensure that you have fun on the roads with your “Big Rig!”

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