Biggest and Most Costly Insurance Marketing Mistake Made by Most Insurance Agents Today


Many insurance marketing strategies and solutions fail to be effective due to a variety of reasons. One reason is the foundation on which insurance agents market.

Let me explain.

Many insurance marketing pieces suffer from the curse. Although I wish I could claim credit for this saying, I believe I only learned it from a book.

This is what I mean by saying that insurance agents marketing is plagued by the curse on knowledge. For this example, you need to hear a song in the back of your mind. To illustrate, you can tap the table to the tune Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Have someone else listen to what you’re tapping and ask them to guess the song.

You don’t have to believe me? Then go ahead and do it with someone you trust. You will ask them to identify the song that you are singing, and they will then tap it on a wall or desk.

You will frustrate them trying to figure it all out. Then you’ll get frustrated. The curse of knowledge is when you hear the song in your head, and try to communicate it through tapping. To you it seems crazy that they cannot figure it out. But to them it’s like Jack Nicholson in the movie One flew over the Coo-Coos Nest!

Miscommunication and disconnect result from the fact that your knowledge is limited. The song is not a song you know, but you, the agent, do. You tap to communicate your knowledge. This seems easy to you, because you can hear it in your head. But your prospect, an insurance sales representative, cannot hear the song because they don’t have the same knowledge.

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The bottom line is that insurance marketing must be based on YOUR PROSPECTS reality. This is their knowledge. Remember that their reality may not be the truth. It could be their perception. However, until they are convinced otherwise, their reality will prevail.

Here’s the Big mistake.

First, many insurance agents believe there is only one reality. WRONG!

There are two realities. Your knowledge is what creates your reality. The prospect’s reality is based on what they perceive. Many insurance agents believe that their insurance marketing will succeed if they use their perception of reality to impose it on prospects. This is a terrible idea.

Insurance agents are known to try to convince prospects that they have a wrong reality. I don’t deny this, but the larger question is: Do you want to be right or rich?

You can tap your fingers to Twinkle Twinkle and the Star Spangled Banner, and expect someone to guess the song by just hearing you. Market to reality and you’ll get zero results.

Here are two more realities of marketing analysis.

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You will be married to know that what I’m about to share is the unadulterated truth. Let’s say that you and your spouse are having an argument. Now you know the truth, but then you hear your spouse’s perspective. You quickly realize that you weren’t at the same event.

This is exactly the type of disconnect you will see with your prospects when marketing to them about their reality. If you’re married, you can be sure you won’t win this battle. If your spouse is not with you, do not laugh loudly right now. This will only cause an argument. Trust me.

In summary, you as an agent must get rid of the curse and knowledge and position your insurance marketing so that it speaks to your prospects knowledge and reality. Then move them along the conveyor belt to reach the only logical conclusion: to obtain your insurance products or services!

I trust you found this information useful and informative. I also hope that you will use it to grow your agency.

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