Biggest Mistake of Overworked and Underpaid Insurance Agents

To get the word out, we all work hard in financial-services. You should be focusing on reducing the time you spend trying to squeeze in 20 meetings per week.

Get off the ground!

Stop trying to convince people to save or plan. This is the single most important thing you can do for your life. If you need to coerce or convince someone to meet you, you are wasting time. If prospects don’t value your services, then you can either file them dead or follow up later.

I tried to persuade too many people about how their financial situation should be. Because I put my entire practice into getting these people to join me, I was sure I came across as desperate. People won’t buy within your timeframe and you will lose credibility if you try convincing them.

After saying hello, don’t try and sell them.

When you introduce yourself to someone, make it easy for them know who you really are. Although it helps to establish a trust zone, they may not know you well enough to refer you. Calling someone who is limited in time, such as lawyers, doctors, or business owners, can often result in them not being able to meet you even if they wish. Instead of trying to resolve their objections, tell them that your time and energy are valuable and that you will meet them when they are available.

Send a free report

Tell them you appreciate how busy they are and ask if they would like to receive your Free-Reports on the most-important-financial steps a doctor, attorney, or business owner can take. You can ask them if they would like you to follow-up in six months. If they answer yes, you can now give them emotional-marketing copy to make them call you. They will appreciate your knowledge and consider you to be different than other financial agents.

Permission Marketing

You have their permission if they tell you they are too busy but want to read your reports. Permission marketing is a great way to build your brand and craft compelling messages that are emotionally engaging. You can expect them to look forward to your next correspondence as long as they have given their permission. They are receiving information that planners and agents are not willing to share or can’t keep up with.

Segment and Automate

This strategy would not work if you had to write all the copy and send out these reports personally. This is a great thing! This process can be automated and segmented so you have a customized-follow-up system that takes very little of your time. Aweber software allows you to collect e-mail addresses of clients and then create automated e mail campaigns. Segmenting your reports allows you to have multiple campaigns running at the same time. It is a good idea to create copy that you can send to both lawyers and doctors. If you do end up working with one these prospects, you can put them in your current client campaign. You can send e-mails as news-reports, and choose the frequency or dates you prefer.

Game Changer

Your reports will make your prospects want to learn more from you. They will see you not as a salesman, but as a consultant when they call. They become more familiar with you each time they see information bearing your name. They will not be afraid to ask for help if you remind them on a regular basis. You are the expert who can identify with their situation and is able to help them. A system that automates sales will help you establish your brand as an expert. You are also more likely to be referred by them to their family and friends. Your automated system communicates to them that they don’t need you, but you need them.