Bodily Injury Claim — 7 Tips to Win your car accident


Bodily injury claims are made when you are injured by the negligence or faults of another person. You will usually deal with the insurance company for the victim (if they have any insurance), but you may also deal with your own insurance company if the person you are dealing with does not have liability coverage. Uninsured bodily injuries will be filed. It is similar except that you will be settling against the insurance company.

There are many options for how to settle bodily injury claims. There are some things you can do in order to make the most of the process, and get what you deserve.

Tip #1: The first step in your bodily injury case is when you visit the doctor. It is a good idea to visit the emergency room if you have been in a car accident. Your insurance company will pay the medical bills first if you have personal injury coverage. You can show your doctor that you need immediate medical attention by going to the emergency department. Even if it is only two to three days after an accident, you should visit the emergency room immediately. Sometimes the pain is the worst.

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Tip #2: Tell your doctor all of your symptoms. The doctor will keep a close eye on your symptoms. They will not include this information if you forget to or for any other reason. Insurance adjusters will examine those records and try to reduce the value of your injury.

Tip #3: Be cautious with what you speak. Doctors love to openly ask questions such as “How are you doing?” and “How was your weekend”. Many patients talk about their weekend, whether it was boating or golfing. Others just tell stories about how they mow the lawn. All of these activities will be recorded in the medical records. These will be reviewed by the insurance adjuster who will then point out that you reported that you went on a boat trip in such and such a date. This means that you weren’t hurt and that your pain wasn’t so severe that it prevented you from going outside. For more information about how claim adjusters evaluate bodily injury claim visit:

Tip #4: Even if you don’t think you need one, ask your emergency physician for a work release. Most whiplash injuries don’t manifest until the next day. It can be difficult to get a work release from a doctor when you have to return in the morning. Most doctors will give it to patients who ask. It is fine if you don’t need it. If you do need it, you’ll be glad you have one. This helps to show that doctors believed that your injury could prevent you from working. This provides strong evidence that the injury was severe and will increase the amount of the pain and suffering award.

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Tip #5: Ask your doctor for a referral. Only an emergency (car accident) will get you seen by an emergency doctor. They will stop treating you. Insurance adjusters will be wary of anyone who goes straight to a chiropractor, a physical therapist, or any other specialized medical professional. Ask for a referral, or visit your primary physician and request one.

Tip #6: Seek out that doctor. It is crucial that you see the doctor as soon as possible after your initial visit. You could end up with a worsening condition for your neck and back. If you have depression, be sure to tell the doctor. The adjusters will look at your medical records and determine what you told the doctor. If you don’t speak up about your pain, the adjuster will assume you didn’t have any.

Tip #7: Follow your treatment plan. Adjusters will reduce the value of your case if you skip appointments or do not try your best to improve your condition. Adjusters will justify gaps in treatment for injuries that are not too serious. You would have visited the doctor if you were experiencing pain.

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