Breaking News Insurance Marketing Tips to Help You Pump Up Profits in a Perilous Economy?

A classic speech, Acres Of Diamonds tells the story of a farmer who left his farm to seek riches only to find years later that it was actually littered by acres of diamonds.

The farmer didn’t know what to search for, which is why he was able to attain wealth but ended up a pauper.

Insurance agents, who are small business owners, have a lot of diamonds but they’re still looking for marketing solutions to market their agency.

Insurance agents should look for opportunities to expand their business and find new leads in the local news. Let me explain.

Insurance agents will do almost anything to get new leads. They are buying the same leads as every other agent, but they get them from different providers. It’s like buying a toothbrush from someone else. It will always leave a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Insurance agents need to use direct response marketing to get leads. Local news is a great place to find ideas on how to market the product.

Let me tell you what I mean. Consider the sound bites used by the news to make you want to know what the news will be covering. This works, and it is the reason why almost everyone watches the news.

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Here’s an Local Business Owner Fights back This sparks curiosity and makes it more likely that you will want to find out what their fight is about. If the news broadcaster stated Local Businesses Owner Fights Back and Takes Aim at High Gas Prices, then this makes the news more interesting and gives people a greater desire to hear it. The simple addition of Takes aim at High Gas Prices compels most people to read or hear this news to want to know more. This is the knee-jerk reaction for people who hear it.

The bottom line is that you should do your research and read and watch the news for information.

Here’s another example insurance agents could use in order to generate quality leads: The shocking news from a local insurance agent reveals drivers in Mayberry, CA are at risk Could you lose it all? For more information, call 800-123-4567 for a recorded message. This sounds like a news story. It grabs your prospects’ attention.

This is a violation of the standard for providing a free quote. Agents can simply enter their town and describe a claim that could lead to financial ruin due to poor coverage. They then explain their Unique Proprietary Process to ensure that this does not happen.

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This tip will help you create more effective marketing to get all the insurance leads that you desire.