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If you have the right information, finding cheap Georgia car insurance rates online is easy. You can find cheap Georgia auto insurance policies for new drivers, experienced drivers, and those who have been in accidents. Continue reading to find out the basics of Georgia car insurance. Then, put that knowledge to work saving you money.

Georgia, like many other states in the South has a wonderful tourist season. What’s not to like about Georgia’s beautiful beaches, warm weather and stunning scenery? With the increase in snowbirds comes more traffic and more car accidents. Georgia has set certain requirements regarding car insurance for its residents.

Georgia car owners must maintain a 25/50/25 policy. This means you must have Bodily Injury Liability coverage that covers at least $25,000 per person, up to $50,000 for each accident, and a minimum $25,000 for Property Damage Liability. Georgia’s minimum coverage requirement is the highest in the country.

It is highly recommended to have more coverage than the minimum requirements for Bodily Injury Liability Liability and Property Damage LIability. When shopping for Georgia car insurance, ensure that the company you select covers everyone who uses your car. Not just the drivers named on the policy. This could help you avoid financial ruin and potential liability.

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If you have a Georgia driver on your Georgia car insurance policy who is driving your car and is at fault in an accident, your insurance company will not be held financially responsible.

Although not required by Georgia law to have Personal Injury Protection, it is a good idea. Personal Injury Protection, also known as PIP, helps you and your passengers pay reasonable and necessary medical costs. Additionally, you might want to consider adding on Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage for any bodily injury caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver.

Georgia Department of Revenue requires that car insurance companies submit their policy information online to a state-wide database. To ensure that your insurance coverage is properly documented by the Department of Revenue, you should check online. Your vehicle identification number (or file number) and Georgia registration number will be required. Georgia car insurance companies have thirty days to provide this information to the State.

If your insurance policy is cancelled or expired, you could be subject to penalties and even lose your vehicle registration. Georgia considers a policy lapsed if it is not renewed for 10 days or more without auto insurance coverage.

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You could face a $25 penalty for lapse in your car insurance coverage and a $60 reinstatement charge before your license plates can be renewed. The penalties and fees for second and third-time offenders are higher, while penalties and fees for third time offenders increase to $25 for the lapse fee and $160 for the reinstatement fee. Your car’s registration is suspended for six months. You will be subject to even more severe penalties if you are convicted for driving your car in the six-month suspension.

Georgia’s car insurance laws allow you to exempt your vehicle from insurance coverage. These exceptions include the following: the car was sold, the ownership transferred, you transferred to another state, or the ownership was transferred out of State, your car lease was terminated or wrecked, or junked; the car wasn’t driven because it was inoperable; the vehicle was stored, or used seasonally for farming purposes. You will be exempted from penalties and fees if you are eligible for any of these exemptions.

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If a member of the armed forces is deployed, and the car will be stored, they are exempt. To claim your exemption, you must file an affidavit if you are a military member and you are being sent overseas. This form can be filed at your local tag office before, during, and after your deployment.

Georgia uses the Tort system to determine fault in accidents. This means that an accident must be ruled as the fault of someone. A tort system of fault holds the responsible party for the damage to both cars and the person who caused it.

It can save you money to shop around for the best Georgia car insurance rates. You might consider comparing rates if you aren’t sure you have the best rate or if your existing car insurance meets all requirements. With a few keystrokes, you can get a quote from many online companies and compare rates with other companies.