Can You Buy Rental Insurance For A Week On A Vacation Rental?


Whether you’re planning a family beach vacation or a romantic getaway, the last thing you want to think about is rental insurance. But if you’re staying in a vacation rental for just a week, can you buy an insurance policy to protect your travel investment? The answer is yes. And in this blog post, we’ll explain why buying weekly rental insurance is wise and how it can save you time and money when booking your next trip. We’ll also cover some of the options available so that you can make an educated decision on whether or not it’s worth the cost to purchase protection for your trip. Let’s dive in!

Do you need rental insurance for a vacation rental?

Most vacation rental agreements will require you to have some form of insurance, but it is typically limited to damage caused by fire, weather, or theft. Your personal homeowners insurance policy may cover some of these risks, but you should check with your insurer to be sure. You may also want to purchase a separate policy to cover any gaps in coverage.

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How much does rental insurance cost?

Rental insurance can vary in price depending on the length of your stay, the value of your belongings, and the amount of coverage you need. For a one-week vacation rental, you can expect to pay around $30 for basic coverage. However, if you have high-value items with you or are staying in a luxury rental, you may need to purchase additional coverage.

What does rental insurance cover?

Rental insurance policies vary, but most will cover damages to the rental property caused by you, your family, or your guests. This includes accidental damage like spills and broken furniture. It may also cover theft or vandalism. Most policies will not cover intentional damage, however.

How to get rental insurance for a vacation rental

If you’re planning to rent a vacation home, you may be wondering if you need to buy rental insurance. The answer is maybe. It depends on a few factors, such as whether the owner has insurance and what it covers.

If the vacation rental is a condo or townhouse, the chances are good that the complex has an insurance policy that covers the building itself. But this usually doesn’t cover your personal belongings or liability. So if you want peace of mind, you may want to buy a separate policy.

Here’s what to consider when deciding whether or not to buy rental insurance for a vacation rental:

-Does the owner have insurance? If so, what does it cover?
-Are you comfortable with the amount of coverage the owner has?
-Do you have personal property insurance? If so, will it cover your belongings while they’re in a vacation rental?
-What about liability? Does the owner’s policy cover your liability if someone is injured while staying in the rental? Or if you accidentally damage the property?

If you decide to buy rental insurance for a vacation rental, be sure to read the policy carefully. Make sure you understand what’s covered and what’s not. And don’t forget to keep your receipts and documentation in case you need to file a claim.

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Alternatives to buying rental insurance

There are a few alternatives to buying rental insurance for a week on a vacation rental. One option is to purchase travel insurance, which may cover some of the risks associated with renting a property. Another option is to ask the property owner if they have any insurance that would cover damages or theft. Finally, some credit card companies offer rental car insurance as an added benefit.


All in all, buying rental insurance for a week on a vacation rental is possible. Whether you need it or not depends upon the type of property and owner involved. If anything, having this kind of coverage can offer peace of mind when renting out your home on a short-term basis. Be sure to read through the policy information carefully before signing any contracts so that you are aware of what is covered and what isn’t.