Can you get car insurance with a learner’s permit?

All drivers need car insurance, even those who have learner’s permits. Although insurance companies will often allow parents to add teens drivers to their existing policies, this is not a requirement.

Some car insurers will also cover a learner driver if coverage is impossible through the parent’s policy. The process can be more complicated than getting insurance for a driver who has a standard license.

No matter what your situation may be, you need to have a policy before you can hit the road. Before you look for a policy, it is important to understand the details of learner’s permit coverage.

Are you able to get car insurance with a learners permit?

It is possible to ask, “Do you need insurance for a learner’s permit?” You must have insurance to legally drive a car. This means that you, or your teenager, will need insurance before you can learn how to drive. Even if the driver isn’t fully licensed, they still need to be insured.

Young drivers can experience dangerous driving, even though they are still learning safe driving techniques. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in a 2018 study, found that drivers between 16 and 24 used seatbelts the least of all age groups. Further NHTSA data showed that distracted driving was responsible for 9 percent of all teenage car accident deaths.

Insurance is required to cover the driver’s liability. If you want to insure a learner driver, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new policy.

Are your parents able to insure you as a driver

Car insurance companies often allow policyholders to add learners permits drivers to an existing policy. However, the new driver must live in the same household as the one that covers the car.

You may need to modify your policy to cover the new driver if they are not insured or if the car is being driven by someone else.

There are pros and cons for including a permit driver in an existing policy as well as buying a new policy for a learner driver.

New policyPermit drivers are generally able to live anywhere and still receive coveragePermit drivers might be able insure a car bought in their name.A new policy will generally cost more than one that includes a permit driver.
Current policyCarriers can automatically extend coverage to driversA policyholder may be able to offset an increase in premium by getting discounts for teen driversPermit drivers often need to live in the same place as the primary policyholder.Permit drivers are required to drive a car that is registered to the primary policyholder.

It is not possible to assume that a permit driver will be covered by a current policy. Check with your insurance company first to find out the guidelines for learners permit drivers.

You can buy insurance in Canada with a learner’s license.

Although it is possible to obtain a new vehicle insurance policy using a learner’s permit only, there are more requirements than if you have a standard driver license. A carrier may ask a permit driver to obtain a full driver’s license within a specified time period, such as 30 days after issuing the policy.

A parent or guardian must co-sign the policy if the permit driver under 18 is not yet legal. The monthly premium for the permit-driver may be higher than that for licensed drivers. The company might require that the permit driver lives with the primary policyholder if you add a permit driver.

If you’re a single permit driver, it may be more difficult to get car insurance with a learner permit. We recommend speaking to an agent if you find yourself in this situation.

Best discounts for young drivers

Your monthly premium may rise if you add a permit driver. It is a smart idea to ask your insurance company about discounts for young drivers in order to offset the increased premium. Here are some of the most popular discounts for young drivers:

  • Discounts for good students: A young driver who maintains a certain GPA may be eligible for this discount. Nationwide offers discounts for teen drivers who are full time students and have at least a grade of B.
  • Discounts for driver education: A young driver who completes a certified driving course could be eligible for reduced premiums. Allstate offers discounts for teen drivers who have completed the teenSMART(r), driver education program.
  • Alumni/Sorority/Fraternity discounts: This discount may be available to young drivers who are members of a fraternity, sorority or alumni association. Geico discounts are available to college students who are eligible.

Questions frequently asked

What is the cost of auto insurance?

Auto insurance costs are highly individual. There are many factors that affect the premium you pay. These factors include your driving record, age, driving style, and location.

How do I compare auto insurance quotes

It is a smart idea to compare quotes from several insurers to find the best auto insurance for you. It’s easy to get quotes from top auto insurance companies by using online quoting tools. These tools are offered by many insurance companies on their websites.

How can I lower the cost of adding my teen driver to my auto insurance?

You should ask your current insurance provider if they offer teen drivers discounts.