Can You Get Health Insurance Through AARP?

AARP Health Insurance plans in North Carolina, through UnitedHealthcare’s partnership, include prescription drug coverage as well as hearing, dental, fitness and more. It’s best to sign up for one during the six month open enrollment period after turning 65 and already enrolling in Medicare Part B.

AARP Medicare

AARP is an organization for people over 50 that strives to protect their health care rights. Lobbying lawmakers and educating consumers about health insurance matters such as Medicare are core functions. Through UnitedHealthcare partnership, it also offers health plans through their Medicare plans partnership; including Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug plans available throughout many states with an interactive plan finder tool to see what’s available near you.

AARP Medicare Advantage plans In contrast with Original Medicare, which is administered by the federal government, AARP Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurers such as UnitedHealthcare and may include extra benefits like dental and vision coverage, hearing aids or wellness programs. Prices of such plans may differ from state to state and depend on your desired amount of coverage as well as which network of doctors and hospitals you opt for.

An AARP Medicare Advantage PPO plan typically offers you maximum flexibility. This type of plan allows you to access care from any doctor or hospital that accepts payment terms established by your plan; however, referral from a primary doctor may be required before seeing specialists.

Are You an AARP Member? Starting October 23rd, UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage Plans offer members of AARP the chance to enroll in one of these plans with no copays on in-network dental visits and routine cleanings, plus free annual eye exams and eyewear allowance. Some plans may even offer coverage of acupuncture treatments.

AARP Medicare Advantage plans offer you a selection of HMO, PPO and PFFS plans with their own specific rules and costs. To discover these options further, visit their website or call their customer service number.

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