Capital One Spark Cash Plus vs. American Express Blue Business Cash

Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands out by awarding 2% cash back across all spending. In addition, it comes with an attractive sign-up bonus and multiple redemption options.

As this card is a charge card, its balance must be settled each billing cycle or you risk incurring fees and incurring charges. This may not work well for businesses looking to free up cash flow or reduce expenses over time.

1. No annual fee

Capital One Spark Cash Plus is a business credit card offering an easy and lucrative rewards program, making it an ideal choice for companies that prefer cash back over travel-based rewards and can manage to pay their balance off every month. Plus, with a high welcome bonus and annual fees that can be refunded it’s one of the best cards out there.

This card boasts an initial annual fee of zero dollars for its first year, followed by $95. It offers unlimited 2% cash back on purchases made, making it easy to rack up rewards without exerting too much effort. Plus, there are no rotating bonus categories or spending caps to worry about; giving you greater freedom while simplifying budgeting for expenses.

If you’re considering the Spark Cash Plus card, keep in mind that it requires excellent personal credit – an FICO score in the 700s is required in order to be approved – and two personal Capital One cards at any one time; additionally only two new accounts may be opened within six months; this limit may prove restrictive for people who tend to open multiple cards frequently.

Spark Cash Plus stands out as a charge card, which means it lacks a set spending limit like credit cards do and requires paying your balance off in full each month or face a 2.99% of unpaid portion late fee. As such, this may not be suitable if you expect to carry balances at times or require more flexible credit lines; but with zero fraud liability and card lock available as bonus features it remains attractive as an option.

2. 2% cash back on all purchases

With the Capital One Spark Cash Plus card, you can take advantage of an attractive welcome bonus and earn 2% cash back on all purchases – one of the highest flat rewards rates on business credit cards available compared to most others that only provide between 1%-5% back for general spending and 2-5% for specific categories such as travel or dining expenses. Furthermore, heavy spenders will find this card especially appealing due to a $150 annual fee rebate each year they spend $150,000 or more!

Don’t forget, however, that since this is a charge card you won’t be able to carry a balance from month to month; this can help avoid becoming trapped in an endless cycle of high-interest debt that’s hard to escape from. Furthermore, there is no fixed credit limit; rather the card determines your monthly spending limits depending on factors like spending behavior, payment history and credit profile.

Apart from its impressive rewards rate and benefits, this card also offers several features designed to benefit small business owners such as free employee cards, roadside assistance and extended warranty coverage. As is true with any credit card, paying your balance off monthly is key to maintaining healthy credit and avoid interest charges; depending on your budget you may wish to pair this card with one with higher rewards rates to maximize potential earnings – you can check your personal credit score free on WalletHub before applying for this one or another card.

3. No preset spending limit

The Spark Cash Plus card gives small business owners increased purchasing power with its unlimited 2% cash back and no preset spending limit. It comes with an attractive $1,200 welcome bonus and has the option of having its $150 annual fee refunded each time a purchase of at least $150,000 occurs each year – potentially making its higher annual fee worthwhile for some small-business owners.

An unpredictable business expenditures make budgeting challenging, so having a flexible credit limit is essential in protecting against unexpected costs and incurring interest charges. Capital One will determine your maximum credit limit according to factors like payment history, credit profile and spending habits. With Spark Cash Plus charge cards that require full payment by each billing cycle end and offer flexible limits based on payment history as well as spending patterns, this option helps businesses manage expenses with greater precision and avoid interest charges altogether.

If your business can safely pay off any outstanding balances quickly and with minimal interest payments, this type of card may help them do just that – while also restricting them from carrying any significant balances for too long. Unless they feel confident they can do this with no problem, another credit card might offer higher limits and reduced fees may be better suited to them.

American Express’ Blue Business Cash credit card provides another 2% cash-back card without an annual fee, and offers more rewards than the Spark cash-back card, such as 2 percent back on every purchase plus free employee cards, roadside assistance coverage and extended warranty coverage as well as no foreign transaction fees.

4. Free employee cards

Capital One Spark Cash Plus stands out as an outstanding choice for established businesses seeking 2% cash back rewards, thanks to its easy rewards structure that is straightforward for managing. Plus, practical benefits such as extended warranty protection and no foreign transaction fees make this a fantastic card choice – especially since there’s no preset spending limit or welcome bonus associated with this account!

But the $150 annual fee may be high when compared with other business credit cards that provide similar rewards, and only worth paying if your business can pay off the balance each month in full; otherwise you’ll incur a 2.99% late fee per unpaid balance (Rates & Fees).

Note that Capital One Spark Cash Plus is a charge card without an associated credit line, meaning you are limited to spending within your authorized spending limit (usually $50,000 annually) before needing additional cards as necessary.

American Express Blue Business Plus Card, on the other hand, is a credit card and comes with its own credit limit – providing more money if necessary but could pose problems if misused.

American Express’ Blue Business Plus Card has more to offer than just credit. Benefits such as $0 fraud liability, free cardholder security program, and online account management tool make this card ideal for many businesses. Furthermore, use it to monitor employee spending or set spending limits by department with this flexible account management tool.

5. No foreign transaction fee

Capital One Spark Cash Plus card does not charge foreign transaction fees, potentially saving you money when purchasing abroad. Plus, its 2% flat earnings rate and 5% rewards on hotels booked through Capital One Travel also help. Plus, redeem rewards in any amount for any purpose – redeem Card Lock to prevent unauthorised use, virtual account number for easy tracking recurring purchases/subscriptions as well as roadside assistance are just some of its features!

Spark Cash Plus stands apart from traditional business credit cards by not offering bonus rates for specific categories; rather, your credit limit adjusts automatically based on factors like payment history and credit profile. Furthermore, this card also features attractive benefits designed to benefit small business owners such as free employee cards and 0% intro APR periods.

If you don’t wish to pay an annual fee of $150 for a 2% cash back card and your business expenses exceed this fee threshold, consider no-fee cards such as Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card or American Express Blue Business Cash – they both offer similar cash back rates but differ slightly in rewards structure – the former provides slightly better cash back, but latter might suit owners looking for simplicity without needing bonus categories offered by other cards.

Capital One Spark Cash Plus and American Express Blue Business Cash are two excellent business credit cards, but which is best for your unique business requirements? NerdWallet’s CardMatch tool can help you quickly identify one by simply answering some questions about yourself and receiving tailored card recommendations within minutes.