Car Accident and Insurance Falsehoods

Traffic in major metropolitan areas is often terrible, especially during peak hour. In any major city, a car accident can occur during peak hours or at any hour of the day. Everyone is aware that a car crash can cause minimal damage to property and, at worst, could result in death. In most cases, the damage to property and injuries are limited to the cars involved.

If you are involved in an auto accident, you might consider yourself lucky that there is no personal injury. However, you should still contact your agent to file a claim for damages to your vehicle. It might surprise you to learn that your agent’s advice may not be reliable. We will investigate the reasons.

Let’s start by talking about a “Direct Repair Program.” Insurance companies have an “internet” of repair shops with which they have made agreements. The body shop has an agreement with the insurance company to repair their customers’ cars. In return, the insurance company must recommend this body shop to customers who need vehicle repairs.

Under the agreement, the body shop must write all quotes that use “aftermarket” parts. This refers to components made by companies other than their original producers or vendors. The shop must also be liable for any auto repairs. Should a lawsuit arise, they must indemnify their insurance provider.

This arrangement is problematic because the parts the body shop must use under the contract are less expensive but of lower quality than the original parts. Aftermarket parts are more likely to cause an auto to fail to function properly. It can also make it unsafe to drive and, in the worst case, could lead to an accident that could prove fatal.

Why would your agent recommend a shop that uses aftermarket parts? It’s all about PROFITS. This means that repairs will be cheaper and the insurance company will pay out fewer claims. Your insurance company will save money in order to increase their income. However, this could mean that your vehicle’s value may be compromised and your safety and the safety of your family members.

There is a chance that the auto “fixed” at an auto shop may be involved in another accident due to the use of lesser components. If you are involved in an auto accident and need to file a claim, your agent may ask you to visit a different body shop than one you choose.

“It will cost you more to go there” – “Should we take you to that shop, we won’t guarantee the repairs”- – “They won’t work with our appraiser”- – – “We can’t work with that shop” – “You’ll need to wait longer for our adjustors to assess the damage”- – -“If you go directly to our shop, we’ll pay them directly. It will be quicker”

These assertions are false. Don’t fall for these lies! You could end up in an even more dangerous or fatal automobile accident. You have the right to, and even the obligation, to take your car to a shop that puts safety first over insurance company profit!