Car Insurance – Don’t Be Taken For A Ride!

For motorists, car insurance is a necessity. It’s not only a necessity, but a legal requirement in the UK. Many people consider car insurance an expense that is part of owning a vehicle. This is why many motorists continue to use their existing insurance provider every year after the renewal notice arrives.

Why is this? The quote may sound reasonable, and you probably aren’t paying more than you currently do. Or maybe you don’t have time to go to every insurance company’s website or call their sales department to get a quote. You’re likely to end up paying more for car insurance than you should.

Moneysupermarket’s recent research suggests that car insurance companies are exploiting their customers’ loyalty to inflate insurance premiums. In one instance, it was found that a similar quote was almost PS2000 less than the current insurer. Car insurance is a buyers market. As most insurance companies want to get your business, it’s a good idea for consumers to shop around and find better deals.

As with many consumer services, new customers are often offered the best carrots to get them to buy. The potential savings for car insurance can be enormous, so it is worth shopping around. What if you’re not among the current customers who are unable to take advantage of the offers for potential new customers? These deals are likely to be subsidised by your loyalty. What can you do to take advantage of these better deals? The simplest way to get the best deals is to be a new customer!

There is always a promotional incentive available, such as an online discount or a price match guarantee, given the high level of competition in the car insurance market. You might get free breakdown coverage and a promise of a car courtesy. There’s nothing stopping you from exploring the market for the best policy. If your current company’s car insurance doesn’t cut it anymore, tell them. If they care about your business, they may be willing to match or beat any quote they find elsewhere.

There are many car insurance providers out there, so it’s important to know how to choose the right one for you. Direct car insurance is a popular option. This means that you can deal directly with the insurer, and not a broker. However, you may get a good quote. It’s worth shopping around, as you won’t get a quote from every company. You should also keep in mind that some elements might be tied to the policy. For example, you may not be able add the preferred breakdown rescue service to your policy and have to use the insurer’s.

Recent times have seen a rise in the number of comparison websites. These websites can quickly search the market and provide a variety of quotes, including those from direct companies. Comparison websites are generally impartial and not associated with any provider or network. This means that you will have more options.

Simply fill out the form and the website will do the rest. After the quotes have been returned, you can compare them and choose the best one. You can also buy your insurance online or have the quote emailed to your computer.

Car insurance is not a mandatory requirement in the UK. However, you don’t have to keep your current insurer for every year. Although it may seem like a time-consuming and expensive task, you don’t have to shop around for car insurance. It could even save you money!