Car Insurance – Finding Specialist Insurance For Women


Brake, a road safety charity, recently conducted a survey. The results may surprise many male drivers. Only 46% of those questioned believed men were less safe drivers than women, and 42% believed the risk factors were equally balanced. According to the Home Office Statistics, 97% of dangerous driving convictions last year were committed by men. These results were further backed up by a separate study done by the Social Issues Research Centre. The study found that while women are equally likely to make mistakes like stalling at junctions and making poor decisions, they are much less likely to engage in ‘thrill-seeking’ than their male counterparts. SIRC spokesperson said that a young man, from the age of 25 onwards, is more likely to injure or kill himself than a young girl.

Insurance companies were the first to notice this research. Insurance companies are very sophisticated and pay attention to data from various agencies. Many companies offer specialist insurance to women because insurance is based upon risk assessment. They offer lower premiums and more benefits than men. This is due to the fact that women are less risky to insurance companies and less likely to file compensation claims.

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SIRC statistics also showed that women are less likely than men to buy flashy cars. They are also less likely to be the victims of auto theft. This alone has an impact on how much insurance drivers pay for their cars. High performance or modified cars fall naturally into higher insurance categories. Providers who specialize in women’s auto insurance will take into account the fact that women tend to choose cars with lower insurance levels.

Internet has made it easier to find specialist car insurance. There are many insurance companies offering different incentives to customers. This used to require women who are financially conscious to search for insurance deals. They had to comb through the Yellow Pages and make endless phone calls to find the most reliable company offering the best coverage at the lowest premiums. The internet has made it easier. There are many companies out there looking for customers, but online comparison websites make it easy to find the right company by simply clicking a button.

Online comparison websites are becoming more popular with women drivers looking for affordable car insurance. Online comparison sites are websites that collect information from multiple insurance companies and present it in an easy to understand format. This saves time and you don’t have to read the insurance sales pitch. Instead, you see the perks, incentives, premiums, and other offers of other companies to help you compare the differences between policies. Online comparison websites tend to verify the reputation of each company before they present their data online. Many of these websites have links to application pages for insurance companies so that you can apply once you have made your decision.

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There are some other steps you can take to make sure your policy provides the best coverage for you and your money. You can drive carefully and install anti-theft devices on your car. This will show your insurer that you are serious about your driving and want to protect your assets. It is possible to have a financial cushion in case of an accident or mistake.