Car Insurance For 17 Year-Olds

17-year-olds won’t be aware they need car insurance to drive legally.

Your teenager should have UK car insurance. Driving without insurance can lead to a serious accident that could result in your teenager being charged with a criminal offense.

Sending your teen to a driving instructor course is one of the best ways to get a fair premium. Statistics show that 17-year-olds are notoriously reckless drivers. In fact, 38% of insurance company claims are made by 17-18 year olds. Driving lessons will give your teenager the skills and confidence they need to drive safely and responsibly. It will also help you lower your insurance premiums.

Your teen must apply for a provisional driver’s license before you can do that. To apply for a provisional driving license, your teen will need to order a D1 Pack from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. (See “Online Services” and “Online Form Ordering). You can also pick it up at the nearest post office. The application will cost about PS50 for you and your teen.

Your teen must be a learner driver and not allow them to drive on motorways. It is for their safety, as most fatal accidents in the UK occur on the motorways. The Driving Standards Agency (DSA), however, created the Pass Plus course to help drivers learn how to drive on motorways and in adverse weather conditions. The course focuses on avoiding hazards, knowing your car, driving at night and driving on dual carriageways. It also covers driving in rural or town areas. It encourages a positive attitude towards driving and builds confidence and skill with its students. The Pass Plus course is ideal for 17-year-olds to ensure they are safe and confident on the roads. The course can result in lower car insurance premiums for 17-year-olds who have completed the course.

You don’t want to see your teen get into trouble with the law. So, you should also be aware of some other rules regarding learner drivers.

First, ensure that the L-Plate is clearly visible on the front and rear of your car. An L-Plate must be installed on the car. It cannot be made at home or in Wales.

The car must also be roadworthy, have a MOT certificate and be current on taxes.

A third requirement is that a learner driver of 17 years must be accompanied by a fully-qualified driver over 21 with a minimum three-year license.

Fourth, all 17-year-olds must have their eyes checked before they can drive. This is a good idea.

It will take some effort to find affordable car insurance for 17-year-olds. But it is worth the effort. Numerous insurance companies offer significant discounts for taking driving lessons, and no-claims discounts of up to nine months. This allows a 17-year old to take full advantage of the opportunity to drive responsibly as soon as possible.