Car insurance for a Cadillac

Leasing or buying a Cadillac is a way to drive around with something you want to protect. Even if you don’t care about car insurance, it is likely that your state requires some form of coverage. Every state except New Hampshire has.

You most likely require auto insurance for your Cadillac. However, you may be curious about how much it costs and which company offers the best coverage. We can tell you that a policy for your Cadillac will likely cost more than the $1,674 national average. Insurance companies also price your policy based upon factors such as your driving record and whereabouts. However, they will consider the value of your vehicle. Cadillacs are a higher-value vehicle, which means they usually have more expensive coverage.

What is the cost of Cadillac insurance?

Cost of Cadillac insurance depends on many factors. This includes how much coverage you choose for your vehicle. Some people may want additional protections than the minimum required by their state. This covers only damages to your car and injuries to others. As you might expect, the higher you pay for coverage, the better.

Insurance companies consider your make and model when pricing your policy. The cost to insure a Cadillac does not always reflect the average cost for car insurance. We looked at these models to help you see the true cost of Cadillac auto insurance.

  • Cadillac CT6
  • Cadillac CTS V
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • Cadillac XT5

Below are rates for each model based on the coverage level that you select.

Cadillacs insurance: By model

These rates represent the average cost for Cadillac car insurance. We used an average driver to calculate these rates. Our test drivers were 40-year olds who drove 12,000 miles per year and commuted five days a semaine. Your policy will be priced differently if you do not meet these criteria. Here are four rates that will help you estimate the cost of Cadillac insurance.

Cadillac CT6s: The cheapest car insurance

Cadillac discontinued the CT6 in 2020. However, drivers can still find them in abundance. Cadillac’s Super Cruise(tm driver assistance feature) was a pioneering technology. How much does Cadillac CT6 insurance cost? We compared rates from the top-rated auto insurance companies in our best of list, which evaluated large providers based on market share and other factors such as customer service, discounts, and customer service. These are the five most affordable Cadillac car insurance companies.

Cadillac CTS-Vs are insured by the cheapest car insurance company

Cadillac introduced its V-Series vehicles in 2004 with the CTS-V. They are still very popular today. The CTS-V’s high cost of insurance will likely make them less popular. This vehicle is the only one that has annual premiums below $3,000 (although rates may vary from driver-to-driver). The rates were quite different so it is worth getting quotes from several insurance companies to ensure you get the best rate for your CTS/V.

Cadillac Escalades: The cheapest car insurance

Because many celebrities choose the Escalade as their vehicle of choice, it has become a symbol of American culture. You will be happy to learn that Escalade drivers are not as expensive as the national average for auto insurance. Have a look at these:

Cadillac XT5s: The cheapest car insurance

An XT5 is a good choice if you need more cargo space than a CT6 and don’t want to have to parallel park an Escalade-sized vehicle. The XT5 is a compact luxury SUV that’s also very affordable to insure. Below are the average rates of auto insurance for Cadillac XT5s.

Cadillacs also eligible for other car insurance

When we refer to minimum coverage in the above rates, it means that the driver only had the minimum required level of liability insurance. Two types of insurance are required in most states: bodily injury to pay for medical expenses if someone is injured while driving, and property damage to cover (you guessed right) damage to other drivers’ cars.

Although the minimum coverage may be adequate for someone’s car, it is not enough for you if you own a Cadillac. We have provided the premiums for full coverage to give an idea of what that would cost. Our full coverage drivers also carried:

  • Uninsured motorist coverage – Why would you need it if your state requires that drivers have insurance? The Insurance Information Institute (III), estimates that more drivers are uninsured than the law requires. Your uninsured motorist coverage may help you with any expenses if one of these motorists causes an incident with you.
  • Comprehensive coverage This coverage covers you against losses not related to driving, such as theft or vandalism, and even the possibility of a tree branch falling on your Cadillac. You will need to pay your deductible in order to get comprehensive coverage.
  • Collision coverage – If you cause an injury or accident to your vehicle (e.g., by backing into another vehicle), collision coverage will cover the costs of repairs. Collision coverage is usually required to have a deductible, just like comprehensive coverage.

These are only a few of the options you may want to purchase car insurance for your Cadillac CT, CTS-V or Escalade. To get the best estimate of your Cadillac CT, CTS, V, Escalade, or Cadillac XT5’s level of protection, explore your coverage options