Car insurance for a Mazda 3

For a full coverage policy with no deductible, the average cost of car insurance in America is $1,674 per annum. This is based upon a 2019 Toyota Camry. Your age, credit score, make and model of your car, and other factors are all considered when determining your car insurance premiums.

The average premium for car insurance is slightly lower if you have a Mazda 3. According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on quoted annual premiums, the average Mazda 3 premium is $1,668 for full-coverage insurance.

We have provided sample quotes for the 2019 Mazda 3 base model. You should keep in mind that higher-end models like the Mazda 3 Preferred and Mazda 3 Sport might have higher average rates.

What is the cost of Mazda 3 insurance?

Based on a 2019 Toyota Camry, the average American driver pays $1674 annually for full-coverage car insurance. In addition to other factors, the make and model of your vehicle has a big impact on the average cost of car insurance. Rates for the same make or model may vary depending on which insurance company you choose. These are just a few of the many factors that can impact the cost of Mazda 3 insurance.

  • Mazda 3s have a low crash rate. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the 2019 base model equipped with front crash prevention the “top safety choice” badge. It has excellent ratings in all categories of crash prevention.
  • Prices of parts: The price of replacement parts is fairly low for Mazda 3s. Most parts don’t need to imported from abroad. This allows insurance to be kept at a low cost.
  • Safety features: The 2019 Mazda 3 will include safety features such as blind-spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alerts.

Mazda 3 insurance

Car insurance for a Mazda 3 is on average $1,668 per annum for full coverage, and $494 for minimal coverage. Rates are determined by each driver’s individual circumstances. Get a personalized rate quote to find out how much you’ll pay. These rates will give you an idea of the price you could pay for Mazda 3 insurance.

Mazda 3 insurance costs are slightly less than the $1,674 average US premium. The vehicle’s safety features, low cost parts and repairs, as well as the relatively low MSRP, all impact insurance costs. There are fewer theft incidents with the Mazda 3 than other vehicles.

Mazda 3s: The cheapest car insurance

Some of the best car insurance companies for Mazda 3 insurance are Amica, Erie, Geico, State Farm and USAA. These providers have a high rating and hold a large share of the industry market. Each company has a different rate for Mazda 3 insurance, as you can see.

USAA is the most affordable provider of Mazda 3 insurance based on our sample quotes. However, this may depend on your individual circumstances and personal profile. It is a smart idea to compare quotes from several companies when shopping for Mazda 3 insurance. This will help you determine which one is most affordable.

Mazda 3 features that affect insurance costs

Insurance for safe vehicles is usually cheaper than insurance for cars without basic safety equipment. Because advanced safety features can decrease the likelihood of an accident and reduce the severity of the crash, this is why insurance companies tend to be more affordable for safe vehicles. These are just a few of the Mazda 3 features that can impact your car insurance costs.

  • Blind spot monitoring: The Mazda 3’s “blind spot monitor” uses sensors to detect objects, pedestrians, or fast-moving cars entering the vehicle’s blind spots. It then notifies the driver by lighting and sound.
  • Lane departure warnings
  • Advanced Smart City Brake Support is: This system can be used to drive in the city, or in slow parking lots. It uses a front camera that detects pedestrians and vehicles, and automatically applies the brakes if there is a collision.

Additional car insurance coverages for Mazda 3

Car insurance is required in most states. If you are in a state with no-fault laws, minimum coverage for car insurance policies includes personal liability insurance and personal injury protection (PIP). There are many policies that provide additional coverage for Mazda 3 owners.

Most insurance companies recommend that drivers upgrade to full coverage policies. This includes liability insurance as well as collision, comprehensive, and medical payments coverage. Gap insurance is a valuable option if you finance or lease your Mazda 3. It helps you to pay off any outstanding loan balances in the event that your Mazda 3 is totaled.

Accident forgiveness is another endorsement to consider. This will prevent your premium from rising after your first accident. Some insurance companies will offer custom parts endorsements if you have aftermarket parts in your Mazda 3. This will cover the cost of replacing or repairing custom equipment like rims or a grille.