Car insurance for a Range Rover

It can be thrilling to purchase a car, new or used. To financially protect your car (and you), it is important to determine the best car insurance. According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual premiums, the national average cost for car insurance is $1674 annually for full coverage. This is a good starting point for a basic vehicle, however luxury vehicles such as the Land Rover Range Rover could cost more to insure.

To determine the amount you pay for car insurance, your personal and household criteria will be considered. This includes your household’s ticket and accident history, as well as where you live and what coverages you require to insure your car. Your car insurance costs can be affected by the type of car you drive. The make/model that you choose can have an impact on the cost of a car purchase. This is especially true if you have a budget and insurance payments. Below are the rates for range rover insurance. These rates reflect annual premiums quoted by Quadrant Information Services.

What is the cost of Range Rover insurance?

The Range Rover’s high retail value and repair costs may make it more expensive to insure than other models. The average cost of car insurance for full coverage on a 2019 Toyota Camry is $1,674. A 2019 Range Rover is more expensive than a Camry with a base price at $25,050. These prices mean that a Range Rover insurance policy will cost more than a Toyota Camry.

The cost of car insurance is determined by the make and model of the vehicle, as well as the retail value and repair costs. Insurance companies use a variety of other criteria to determine the base price for a specific make and model.

  • Parts cost: A luxury SUV will have a higher price tag than an average car. This is why a luxury car will be more costly to insure than an economically priced car.
  • Safety features: In general, the higher the car’s safety features, the less expensive it is to insure. Standard features such as front and rear airbags, traction control, and emergency brakes in the Range Rover can help to offset the cost of insurance.

Range Rover insurance

Range Rover car insurance costs about $1,000 more than full coverage national average car insurance. Bankrate compared the annual premiums for minimum and full coverage to a Range Rover owner looking for insurance. These rates may not be the same rates that you get because they are based upon personal data such as your driving record, location, and coverage options.

Range Rover minimum coverage costs $514 per year, while full coverage insurance costs about $2,657 per year. Full coverage insurance covers the Range Rover’s physical damage, while minimum coverage doesn’t. When discussing insurance coverage, it is important to weigh the costs of a 2019 Range Rover as well as whether it is possible to replace it with cash.

Range Rovers: The cheapest car insurance

Shop for quotes to find the best car insurance company for Range Rover. To illustrate the savings potential, we compared rates offered by the top car insurance companies based upon market share. Amica offers the lowest car insurance rates for Range Rovers, while Erie charges the most per year for car insurance. Your driving record, location, and other factors may affect the Range Rover rate you pay.

Range Rover’s impact on insurance costs

Certain features can help lower the cost of your car insurance, particularly safety features. There are a number of safety features on the Range Rover that can affect your car insurance rates.

  • Airbags: Passenger and driver airbags can reduce the cost of Range Rover insurance. Airbags provide protection for the front occupants, which can reduce the cost of an injury claim.
  • Electronic traction control: This feature stabilizes the Range Rover and improves traction. If necessary, the brakes are applied to keep the driver in control and reduce the chance of an accident.
  • Range Rover emergency brake assist: When you apply the brakes quickly, Range Rover will increase the pressure on the antilock brake system. This will help you come to a complete halt faster. This feature may lower your risk of an accident, and could save you money on your car insurance premiums.
  • Emergency brake: If sensors detect another vehicle, or person, this safety feature can apply the brakes to reduce the chance of an accident.

Range Rover owners also have other options for car insurance

Range Rover owners may prefer higher liability limits, even though minimum liability coverage is more affordable per month. Most insurance professionals recommend that you purchase as much liability insurance coverage as you can afford. This will provide better financial protection, especially if there is an at-fault incident. Your liability limits will reduce the likelihood that you will be sued for any injuries or damages caused by an accident.

Range Rover owners may want to look into other car insurance policies to protect the investment.

  • Collision: This coverage covers your Range Rover in the event that it is involved in an accident. You will need collision coverage if you don’t have it. If the damage is severe enough, you can either pay for repairs or replacement.
  • Comprehensive: This coverage covers physical damages not covered by collision coverage, such as hitting an animal or breaking glass, vandalism, theft, and weather events.
  • Gap insurance: Your actual cash value could not be equal to the loan amount if you are involved in an accident that results in your Range Rover being totaled. Gap insurance will cover the difference between the amount you owe and the value of the vehicle.
  • New car replacement: In the event that your Range Rover is damaged in an accident, you will be covered by new car replacement. This covers the actual value of the Range Rover as well as the depreciated value.