Car insurance for a Toyota Prius

Car insurance is required by law in most states. The national average cost of car insurance is $1,674 per year for a full coverage policy, which is based on a sample quote for a 2019 Toyota Camry.

Car insurance premiums can be customized based on your age, gender, and car type. According to Bankrate’s 2021 study on annual car insurance premiums, which was conducted by Quadrant Information Services, $1,740 is the average cost for a Toyota Prius.

Bankrate compared car insurance quotes for a 2019 Toyota Prius with several large insurance companies and examined some factors that could impact premiums. This study is based on the Toyota Prius base vehicle. It is possible that higher-end models might have more expensive insurance rates.

What is the cost of insurance on a Toyota Prius

Your vehicle’s make, model and year will impact the cost of your car coverage. The average national rate for 2019 Toyota Prius is $1740 per year. However, each car insurance company charges a different rate depending on the make and model of the vehicle. These are the main factors that affect Prius insurance costs.

  • Crash rate statistics: The Toyota Prius is a well-known vehicle for its safety. Recent Prius model years have earned the “top safety pick” badge by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). Because they are less likely in collisions to cause major damage, safer cars can be more affordable to insure.
  • Prices of parts: Prius parts are generally cheaper because they don’t have to be imported. This can help lower the cost of insurance. It is possible for parts such as the Prius electric motor to need to be replaced or repaired after an accident. This can make it more costly than replacing a gasoline-powered vehicle’s motor. Depending on the insurer, price of parts may result in overall lower rates compared to other makes.
  • Safety features: The newer Toyota Prius models include advanced safety features like stability control, an airbag system with advanced features, pre-collision warning, intelligent parking assistance, blind spot monitoring, and more. These safety features may reduce the chance of an accident and help to lower insurance costs.
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Toyota Prius insurance

The Prius rates are comparable to the national average cost for car insurance, based on a Toyota Camry. The average rate for full coverage runs slightly higher than the $1,674 per year national average. This is likely due to the vehicle’s hybrid components, which can be more costly to repair or replace. The Prius is actually a bit more affordable than the Camry’s average rates for minimum coverage. This covers only liability coverage. These averages are useful to compare, even though every Prius owner will have a different insurance rate.

Toyota Prius insurance is the cheapest

The average cost of Toyota Prius full coverage car insurance is slightly higher than the national average rate. However, there are insurance companies that will insure this make and/or model for less based on annual premiums.

Bankrate has compared five of the most popular car insurance companies to find the lowest car insurance rates for the Toyota Prius based on market share. These providers are among the best car insurance companies reviewed by Bankrate. You can see that Erie rates are different than those of other national providers. This means that you will need to get quotes from several insurers in order to determine the best rate for you.

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Toyota Prius features that can impact insurance costs

Many of the most recent safety features are found in the Toyota Prius. The safety features in the Prius have been proven to be effective in preventing vehicle thefts and accidents. This make and model is rated by the IIHS as one of the most safest vehicles on the road. It is therefore not surprising that car insurance costs are fairly comparable to the national average for an economy sedan.

These safety features are available on some Toyota Prius models that are newer than the previous model year:

  • Blind spot monitor: Both the Prius LE AWD-e and LE LE AWD-e are equipped with a blind-spot monitoring system. It also includes a rear cross traffic alert sensor that helps to avoid accidents when changing lanes.
  • Toyota Safety Sense: All new Prius models come with Toyota Safety Sense. This is a package that includes a precollision warning system, pedestrian detection, lane departure alerts, and road sign assistance.
  • Engine Immobilizer: This engine immobilizer prevents theft. The engine won’t start if it doesn’t recognize the Smart Key fob chip when it is inserted into the ignition.
  • Vehicle Proximity Notification System – The Vehicle Proximity Notification System alerts drivers when their car is within a certain distance of an object, pedestrian, or other vehicle.
  • Advanced airbag system: All new Prius models come equipped with an advanced airbag technology that makes it safer for all passengers. This includes front driver and passenger airbags as well as front seat-mounted side and rear airbags.
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Additional car insurance coverages for the Toyota Prius

Car insurance is required for all Prius owners, and all other drivers, unless you are located in Virginia or New Hampshire. Many states require that drivers have at least the minimum coverage. This includes personal liability insurance as well as personal injury protection (PIP) for those who live in no-fault states.

Prius owners might consider optional coverages to increase their financial protection. Toyota Prius owners have valuable endorsements that include new car replacement coverage, roadside assistance, and accident forgiveness. If you lease or finance a new Prius, gap insurance may benefit you in the event of a total loss, as it helps repay the amount of your loan that exceeds the actual cash value payout from your insurer.

Consider adding endorsements to your Prius car insurance policy to increase your insurance costs. Car insurance companies often offer discounts that can offset the cost.