Car insurance for an Alfa Romeo

It has been a world leader in luxury for centuries. Italy is a top-of the-line country, with luxury brands like Versace and Gucci as well as its leather and shoes. Cars are perhaps the country’s most luxurious export, both in terms market share as well as the size of its export.

Alfa Romeo is the only manufacturer that has managed to secure a spot for its cars, which is quite impressive considering Lamborghini and Ferrari are also luxury Italian car manufacturers. Because their cars are so expensive, Alfa Romeo owners need to expect to pay more for car insurance than the average, which currently stands at $1,674. Car insurance for Alfa Romeos is expensive because the car’s make and model plays a major role in determining rates.

What is the cost of insurance for an Alfa Romeo?

There are many insurance companies that offer auto insurance for Alfa Romeos. The prices vary from one insurance company to the next. Different insurance companies weigh different factors when setting rates . They consider factors like your driving record and where you live.

We can still give you an estimate of the average cost of Alfa Romeo car insurance. This can prove to be very helpful as you almost certainly will need car insurance. Nearly all states require drivers to have liability insurance in order to cover any damage they cause behind their wheel. You will also need coverage to protect your vehicle if you own a luxury vehicle such as an Alfa Romeo.

Your driving record, as well as your car’s overall condition, will all impact the cost of your car insurance policy. You should be aware that an Alfa Romeo will put you in the premium car insurance category, which means you’ll pay more than the average car insurance. Also, policy costs can vary greatly from model to model so we looked at rates:

  • Alfa Romeo Guilia
  • Alfa Romeo Spider
  • Alfa Romeo Stelvio

This will allow you to determine where the best prices are for Alfa Romeos, regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase one or if you have an existing Alfa Romeo and you want to switch carriers .

Alfa Romeos car insurance: By model

Rates will vary depending on individual factors such as your driving record, past tickets, accidents, and the amount you have driven each year. Here are some estimates for car insurance for Alfa Romeos to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Alfa Romeo Guilias has the lowest car insurance rates

It is clear that insurance for an Alfa Romeo costs a lot. We did our research to help you find an affordable policy. Cross-referenced the best of car insurance companies with our cheapest car insurance companies . This evaluates large providers by market share in key areas such as pricing and customer service. This results in auto insurance for Alfa Romeos at the lower end price range.

Prices will vary depending on each driver, as well as their risk factors. However, the following can give an idea of how much it would cost to insure the Alfa Romeo Guilia sports sedan, which is high-performance and luxurious.

Alfa Romeo Spiders: The cheapest car insurance

Sports cars are an entirely different animal, in terms of driving experience and insurance. The Alfa Romeo Spider is no different. The signature two-seater offers all the luxury features you would expect from a sports car such as quick acceleration and high-end finishes. The latest Spiders are built from one piece of carbon fibre. Because of its wow-factor and power, the Spider can be the most expensive Alfa Romeo to insure. This is assuming you want full coverage. Liability-only coverage is quite affordable because the Spider cannot cause much damage. Here are the best policies that we could find.

Alfa Romeo Stelvios has the lowest car insurance rates

Alfa Romeo’s luxurious SUV Stelvio, which means that you will have to pay more for your car insurance. You should expect to pay higher for liability coverage as a larger vehicle can cause more damage on the roads. The Stelvio’s full coverage is a bit lower than the Alfa Romeo car insurance cost breakdown. These are some of the most affordable policies that we could find to insure Alfa Romeo’s SUV.

Alfa Romeo also offers other car insurance coverage

Below, we have provided two types of policy cost averages for minimum and full coverage. What does each one mean?

You should only carry the minimum coverage required by your state. This applies to every state, except New Hampshire. It also includes bodily injury and property damages liability insurance. The first pays medical bills for anyone you injure while driving; the second covers damages to their vehicle and any other property they damage.

You will need protection for your Alfa Romeo if you lease or buy it. Three types of coverage are included in our full coverage quotes. They can cover any loss-related repairs that your Guilia Spider, Stelvio or Stelvio might need. We included:

  • Comprehensive coverage. Car accidents do not always cause vehicle damage. Even though your car is parked in a safe place, it can be damaged or stolen. Comprehensive coverage can help you cover all costs, from theft and vandalism to the loss of a tree branch to your Alfa Romeo.
  • Collision coverage. Your Alfa Romeo should be covered for liability if another driver hits it. What if you are at fault for the damage? Your collision coverage may cover you for damages if you cause an accident or back into something.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage. Let’s go back to the previous example where another driver causes an accident with you. Although almost every state requires drivers to have liability insurance, the Insurance Information Institute(III) estimates that more that 12 percent drivers are driving today without any coverage. Your uninsured motorist coverage is available if an uninsured driver causes damage to your Alfa Romeo.

You now have an idea of how much auto insurance costs for Alfa Romeos. Compare quotes from different insurance companies before you finalize a policy. You could save a lot of money so that you can enjoy your Alfa Romeo at a lower cost.