Car insurance for Audi A3

Audi is a well-known luxury car manufacturer. The latest Audi A3 is the perfect compact car for you if you are looking for all the bells & whistles.

It may be useful to understand the premium for insurance Audi A3 before you decide to buy or lease the car. The A3 is a premium car and will likely cost you more than the national full coverage average of $1,674 annually.

What’s more? Is it possible to find insurance companies that will lower your Audi A3 insurance costs? It depends partly on you, the driver. Insurance providers base rates on unique factors such as your driving record and annual mileage. We can still give you an idea of the Audi A3 insurance cost.

This review includes models:
This review focuses exclusively on Audi A3 car insurance.

What is the cost of insurance for an Audi A3?

The average American driver spends $1,674 each year to insure their car. Audi drivers should expect to pay more. When determining the price of your car insurance, all of the top car insurance companies consider a number of factors. Insurers will also consider higher repair costs if your vehicle is more costly, such as an Audi. They pass some of these extra costs onto you by charging higher premiums as part of their preparations. Your Audi A3 insurance policy will likely cost more than an average sedan’s.

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We can specifically look at the following areas in which insurance providers place emphasis on setting rates:

  • Statistics on crash rates: The less your insurance provider has to pay for your vehicle in an accident and any medical bills, the better your car will be. Insurers will pay less for safer cars. The good news for Audi A3 owners is that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has named it one of their top safety picks. It consistently scores high in safety features.
  • Prices of parts: Although Audi parts aren’t significantly more expensive than those for other luxury vehicles (such as a BMW or Mercedes), parts for an Audi will cost more than parts that would be purchased for a Honda. Your insurance company will need to be able to pay for the extra cost after an accident. Therefore, Audi A3 car insurance is generally more expensive.
  • Safety features: The Audi A3 comes with a variety of safety features such as knee air bags and anti whiplash head restraints. These features could help reduce the price of your car because they lower the risk.
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These are just a few of the factors that will affect your Audi A3 premium. The insurance company also considers you as a driver when setting your Audi A3 Premium. This means that driving safely and logging fewer miles per year will save you money, but a history of accident will result in higher premiums.

Car insurance for Audis: By model

Companies consider a wide range of factors to determine the cost of Audi A3 car coverage. These include your driving record and the make and model the vehicle. It is a good idea to compare quotes from different providers. We compared rates from several companies to give you an idea of the average Audi A3 premium. These are the averages that we found.

Audi A3 insurance

We used a male and female driver who were in their 40s and had a clean driving record and good credit. Credit ratings are used to determine insurance rates in states where credit ratings can be used. They also had an annual mileage of 12,000 miles. You will pay more if you drive more have a history of many tickets and accidents , or are less than 25.

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Audi A3s: The cheapest car insurance

Although insuring an Audi A3 is expensive, there are insurance companies that offer policies that have a lower premium for the Audi A3. These are the top car insurance providers.

The rate that an insurance company offers will depend on your specific circumstances. This should give you an idea of some of your best options for Audi A3 insurance costs.

Audi A3 features that can impact insurance costs

You can impact the premium of your Audi A3 by including these features, both standard and optional.

  • Trim package: Higher trim levels, such as the Prestige trim’s Bang & Olufsen 15-speaker sound system and the Titanium Edition Package’s notable titanium black exterior trim, will enhance your driving experience. They may also increase your Audi A3 car insurance rates. In general, the more valuable your car is, you will pay more to insure it.
  • Safety and anti-theft: In general, features that reduce losses will encourage your insurer to offer cheaper Audi A3 insurance. This could include the cross-traffic alert system and blindspot collision warning.
  • Notable make: Although data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows that Audi A3s are stolen, your provider of insurance may not be concerned about this. The Insurance Information Institute (III’s Most Stolen Vehicles list does not include Audis.
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Additional car insurance coverages for an Audi A3

A3-specific features aside, insurance for your car will directly impact the price you pay. You might consider adding optional protections to your Audi A3 beyond the mandatory liability coverage.

  • Collision coverage: When your A3 is damaged in an accident, this covers you. Collision coverage will pay for repairs if you cause an injury or get into an accident. Only liability coverage covers damage to other drivers’ cars.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage kicks in if your car is stolen, vandalized, or a tree branch falls onto it overnight. Comprehensive coverage protects your Audi A3 from non-driving related risks.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage. While nearly every state requires drivers have liability coverage, III states that more then 12% of drivers don’t. Uninsured motorist coverage can help you pay the bill if one of these uninsured drivers causes an incident.

Higher coverage will result in a higher Audi A3 Premium. However, if you drive a luxury car, it may be worth paying more for insurance to protect your finances.