Car insurance for Chrysler

If you have a vehicle registered in a state, car insurance is required. You could face suspension of driving privileges or a heavy fine if you don’t have car insurance. Each driver will pay a different car-insurance rate because premiums are determined by personal factors like age, credit score, and state.

These factors are not the only ones that affect your car insurance premium. Car insurance companies charge different rates for identical car models and makes. We found that the average cost for car insurance for the most popular models of Chrysler was .

  • Chrysler Pacifica
  • Chrysler Voyager
  • Chrysler 300

Chrysler car insurance: By model

Our sample quotes show that the Voyager is the most affordable Chrysler model to insure, with an average annual full coverage premium at $1,452. The average rate for the Pacifica is $1,468. It’s only slightly more costly than the Voyager. The Chrysler 300 is a more expensive option, with an average rate of $1,468. Below is a table that shows the average annual insurance premiums for the 300, Voyager, and Pacifica.

Chrysler Pacifica: The cheapest car insurance

It is very affordable to insure the Chrysler Pacifica. Geico is the lowest priced car insurance rate. It charges an average of $1,135 per year for full coverage insurance, and $334 per year for minimal coverage insurance. State Farm is the most expensive Pacifica insurance company, charging an average premium of $1,302 per year for full coverage insurance, and $450 for minimal coverage insurance. Below is a table that highlights the lowest priced Chrysler Pacifica insurance offered by five of the most trusted car insurance companies, as selected by Bankrate.

Chrysler Voyager: The cheapest car insurance

The cheapest vehicle to insure is the Chrysler Voyager. Geico has the lowest rates with an average annual premium at $1,174 for full-coverage insurance and $363 to cover minimum coverage. Amica and USAA offer the most affordable rates, but Amica only covers military personnel, veterans, and their families. Switch car insurance providers to obtain a lower premium if you find a lower price elsewhere. Below is a list of some of the most affordable Chrysler auto insurance companies.

Chrysler 300: The cheapest car insurance company

You should expect to pay more for your insurance if you are interested in a Chrysler 300. The Chrysler 300 is more expensive than other models. You can still get a very affordable rate through Erie and USAA if you are eligible. State Farm is the most expensive provider, with an annual average premium for full coverage of $1,650. Below are five of the top-rated car insurance providers, including the Chrysler 300.

Chrysler also offers other car insurance coverage

Many states require car insurance for drivers. To legally drive your vehicle, you must also meet the minimum coverage requirements of your state. The minimum coverage in your state, also known as minimum coverage policy, usually includes personal liability insurance and personal injury protection (PIP), if you are in a no fault state.

Chrysler owners have the option to purchase additional car insurance. Gap insurance is a useful option if you finance or lease your Chrysler. Gap insurance will cover the difference between the car’s diminished worth and the loan balance if your vehicle is totaled. Many drivers also opt for full coverage insurance policies that include comprehensive and collision insurance to protect their vehicle.

Roadside assistance is another option that you might consider. This pays for towing, fuel delivery, and flat tire replacement. New car replacement coverage is another option. This will cover the cost of a new vehicle in the event that your car is totaled. It’s based on its purchase price. Accident forgiveness is another popular coverage for car insurance. This will prevent your rate from rising after your first accident.