Car insurance for Dodge Chargers

Although Dodge Chargers may not be the most expensive vehicle to insure, they are likely to cost more than the national average Toyota Camry. The make and model of your vehicle is a major factor in determining the price of car insurance policies. A Dodge Charger, a powerful car, will cost more than a Toyota Camry or a standard car of the same size, so you may have to pay higher car insurance premiums.

Based on a review by Bankrate of the average premiums quoted by Quadrant Information Services, the average cost for full coverage Dodge Charger car insurance is $2,077 annuallyExperts recommend that you obtain multiple quotes from different insurers, regardless of whether you’re purchasing a new Dodge Charger or looking for insurance for it. You will be able compare rates and coverage options from multiple insurance companies to find the best policy for you.

What is the cost of insurance for Dodge Chargers?

Insurance costs for Dodge Chargers will vary depending on year, make and model. Below are the national average annual rates for minimum liability coverage and full coverage. You may be recommended full coverage auto insurance if your Charger is older and still has market value.

Every insurance company sets its own rates. This means that car insurance costs and coverage options may vary from one insurer to the next. Below is a table that compares rates from different car insurance companies, including full and liability coverage.

How does a Dodge Charger affect your car insurance rates?

The average cost of full coverage car insurance on a national level is $1,674 annually, but to insure a Dodge Charger, the average rate increases to $2,077. The model year, the trim package and the vehicle’s value will affect the insurance rates. Your driving record, location and any discounts available could affect the rate you pay.

For example, the market value of the 2020 Dodge Charger SXT is $29,995, but the 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Widebody MSRP is $72,095. The Hellcat’s larger engine, higher horsepower, and repair costs will all increase car insurance rates.

Other than your car, what factors affect your car insurance?

While the type of car you drive will be a factor in determining the price of your auto insurance, it is only one. These are other factors that insurance companies consider when determining your premiums.

  • Age
  • Credit score (in certain states)
  • Limitations on coverage
  • Get Discounts
  • Gender
  • Record of Household Driving
  • Annual mileage
  • Localization
  • Marital status
  • Other vehicles within the household

There are many factors that can affect your rates. This could surprise you if your vehicle is not included.

How can you save on Dodge Charger car coverage?

Although Dodge Chargers can be expensive to insure, there are ways that you can offset this higher price. Here are some ways you can save money on your car insurance.

  • Take advantage of bundle and stack discountsInsurance companies offer the best discounts for multi-policy insurance and multi-car discounts. Insurance companies could offer significant savings by insuring both your renters and home, as well as autos within the household through the same company.
  • Do not consider liability:You might be able drop your full coverage and save money by limiting liability if you own an older vehicle. This option is recommended by the Insurance Information Institute if your car’s worth is less than $200,000Less than 10 timesThe cost of insurance
  • Your deductible should be increasedIf you have collision and comprehensive coverage, an increase in your deductible could save you money each month on your premium. If you do need the coverage, however, you should ensure that you have the funds to pay the deductible.
  • Be aware of mileageYou drive less than the national median of13.500 Miles per YearYou might be eligible for a lower rate if you are on the road less. Depending on the distance you commute to school or work, this could be true.
  • Before you buyCompare quotes from several carriers to find the best rate before you buy a car. This will help you determine if the car is within your budget.

Questions frequently asked

Why is it that some cars are more expensive to insure than others.

Insurance companies often associate the make and model of a vehicle with its risk level. Insurance companies associate vehicle make and model with a level of risk. A car that is more likely to be stolen, more expensive to fix in an accident, or has fewer safety features could be more costly to insure.

Is the Dodge Charger considered a sports car by insurance?

Every insurance company will have a different definition for a sports car. The following factors may help determine whether your car is classified as a sports car: if it’s a two-door or a four-door, its engine size, turbocharged, and the car’s height and weight. The specifications of sports cars can be found in your Dodge Charger insurance policy.

Is Dodge Charger maintenance expensive?

Costs to maintain a car like the Dodge Charger can vary by factors such as your location, how you drive and how many miles you drive each year. Each person’s costs of depreciation, fuel, repairs, maintenance and taxes can vary. You should also consider the trim package and model you select for your Dodge Charger. This can have an impact on the price of the Dodge Charger and the insurance premiums.