Car insurance for Dodges

In almost all states, car insurance is required. This protects you as a driver from any liability if you are involved in an accident. There are many factors that influence car insurance rates, but the most important is the make and type of your vehicle.

In addition to being cheaper to insure certain types of vehicles, every insurance company charges different rates for the same make and model. The average cost for car insurance if you have a Dodge will vary based on which provider you choose.

Dodge Challenger: The cheapest car insurance

The Dodge Challenger first appeared in 1970. The Dodge Challenger is one of the most expensive Dodge cars to insure, selling for $28,000 today. Insurance for Dodge Challengers is an average cost of $2,074. Below is a table that shows the average Dodge Challenger insurance cost from some of the most trusted car insurance companies:

Dodge Charger: The cheapest car insurance

Average Dodge Charger insurance rates are approximately the same as those for the Dodge Challenger, at $2,077 per annum. The starting MSRP for the Charger is also similar at around $30,000. Below is a table that shows the average premiums for Dodge Charger Insurance from top-rated insurance companies.

Dodge Durango: The cheapest car insurance

With a starting price just below $32,000, the Dodge Durango is Dodge’s most expensive model. The Dodge Durango’s car insurance is cheaper than other Dodge models like the Challenger. Durango insurance costs an average $1,623 per year. Full coverage policies from the below providers range from $1,199 up to $1,453.

Dodge Grand Caravan insurance is the cheapest

The Dodge Grand Caravan, the company’s minivan, starts at $27.530. The full coverage car insurance for a Grand Caravan ranges from $1,162 up to $1,430 depending on the top providers. This is lower than the average annual premium at $1,604.

Dodge Journey: The cheapest car insurance

The average annual premium for a Dodge Journey insurance policy is $1,708. With the below providers, the full coverage rates range from $1.138 for the lowest end to $1.565 for the highest-end. You might be charged more if you select the Dodge Journey Crossroad model.

Dodge also offers other types of car insurance

Every Dodge owner must meet their state’s minimum car insurance coverage requirements, which typically include liability insurance and sometimes personal injury protection (PIP) or uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Most people will benefit from buying more coverage than is legally required.

Insurance companies recommend that drivers purchase full coverage policies. This includes comprehensive and collision insurance, which will cover your vehicle for any damage or injury that may occur. Comprehensive and collision coverage will be required if you lease or finance Dodge. You may also want gap insurance if you have a newer vehicle. This will cover the difference between your car’s diminished value and your remaining loan balance in case your car is totaled.

You should also consider roadside assistance. This covers services such as towing, delivery of a battery replacement, fuel delivery, and rental reimbursement. If your Dodge is being fixed due to a covered claim, this will cover the rental car. You should consider minimum coverage for affordable car insurance. However, damages to your vehicle caused by an at-fault incident will not be covered. This could lead you to having to pay out-of-pocket.