Car insurance for high-risk drivers in Pennsylvania

In 2019, there were 125 267 reported traffic accidents. Drunk driving and speeding were the most common causes of fatalities, accounting for more than 30% of all crashes.

Insurance companies consider high-risk drivers who have had a DUI, multiple accidents or speeding tickets on the driving record. High-risk drivers in Pennsylvania typically pay higher rates and may not be eligible for traditional insurance. If you’re a high-risk driver, there are several auto coverage options.

Pennsylvania rates for high-risk car insurance

Insurance rates are determined by many factors. However, driving records are the most important. It may be more difficult to get affordable coverage if you have a history with certain driving offenses. Let’s take a closer look at the impact of different events on your car insurance.

Rates for speeding tickets

It is important that you shop around for vehicle coverage in order to compare insurance costs. Insurance companies will weigh auto insurance premiums after a speeding ticket differently and will offer different pricing options. Some will be more expensive than others.

Car insurance companyPennsylvania’s average annual premium before a speeding ticket for full coveragePennsylvania’s average annual premium after a speeding ticket for full coverage% Difference

USAA is available only to military personnel and qualified family members. However, all three carriers have solid reputations. Erie offers lower premiums to speeding ticket drivers. Your premiums will likely be affected by multiple speeding offenses.

Rates for an accident

Car accidents can be costly. They cost more than 150 billion each year. Accident forgiveness is a feature offered by some companies. This allows you to forgo a claim once every three years and does not increase your premium. If you don’t have this feature or you have multiple accidents, your car insurance could cost you nearly twice as much. Your insurance company could cancel your coverage if you have multiple at fault car accidents within three years.

Car insurance companyPennsylvania’s average annual premium before an accident for full coveragePennsylvania’s average annual premium for complete coverage after an accident% Difference
Penn National$971$1,76545%

All carriers do not treat accidents the same. Pennsylvania drivers who are at risk of getting into an accident should look around for information about the policies of each company regarding premium increases.

Rates for DUI

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense. The average DUI offense can result in fatalities and can cost the offender between $10,000 and $25,000 . This includes the higher insurance premiums. Although Pennsylvania doesn’t require drivers to obtain an SR-22 certificate of financial responsibility (certificate certifying financial responsibility) following a conviction, car insurance rates are likely to rise significantly.

Car insurance companyPennsylvania’s average annual premium before a DUI for full coveragePennsylvania’s average annual premium after a DUI for full coverage% Difference
AmTrust Financial$1,098$2,48956%

Certain car insurance companies will work more with high-risk drivers than other. Progressive could be a good choice if you cannot afford to pay a large increase in your premiums due to a DUI. Remember that multiple DUI offenses can result in higher premiums and may cause your insurance company to cancel your coverage.

Teen drivers: Rate

The highest number of crashes involving teens in Pennsylvania was caused by Pennsylvania teenager drivers. Due to their lack of experience driving, more than 4% of Pennsylvania’s young drivers were involved with a crash. These are just a few examples of the average insurance rates that a 16-year old can get for adding their car insurance to their parent’s.

Car insurance company*Average annual premium for full coverage*
Penn National$1,554

16-year-old under their parent’s policy

Many insurance companies offer vehicle insurance savings to teens. This includes defensive driving courses and good student discounts. It’s a good idea for teens to shop around and compare rates from different carriers.

Who are high-risk drivers?

Insurance companies consider a high-risk driver someone who is more likely to be in an expensive accident. An insurance company can classify you as a high risk driver based on your driving record. However, there are other factors such as your age. We used Pennsylvania’s high-risk drivers to calculate the rate increases. This was done based on their driving records and one high-risk factor such as an accident or driver age.

Insurance companies might deny coverage for high-risk drivers, or increase premiums. If you are convicted for reckless driving, DUI, or excessive speeding, Pennsylvania could suspend or revoke the driver’s licence. High-risk drivers are usually:

  • You are at fault in one or more accidents (some carriers will forgive the first accident).
  • Convicted for one or more DUIs
  • You were cited for one or more speeding tickets, or any other moving violation

Usually, your premium budget will not be affected by a single high-risk incident (except for DUIs). Multiple offenses can flag you as a risky driver and increase your insurance costs. As long as a driver is clean and has a good driving record, teen insurance costs will decrease.

How to lower your rate for high-risk drivers

An high-risk driver will typically pay more for car insurance than a safer driver. There are several ways to save money on vehicle insurance:

  • You must drive safely for at most one year. After one year, points in Pennsylvania are removed without any new violations. Your car insurance premiums will drop if you have less points on your record.
  • Look for a carrier that will cover one accident every three-years.
  • To receive a discount on your car and auto insurance for up three years, you can complete a driver improvement program.
  • You can enroll in a telematics programme that tracks your driving habits. Your premiums will be reduced if you drive safely and avoid speeding.

It is a great way to get cheaper car insurance for your specific circumstances. Compare quotes from different insurance companies and talk to a licensed agent to make sure you get the best deal.

Questions frequently asked

Which are the top car insurance companies in Pennsylvania

Because everyone has different needs, there is no best car insurance company. You can shop around for quality car insurance in Pennsylvania by comparing rates, coverage, and discounts from different providers. To determine the best insurance for you, consult a licensed agent.

What makes my car insurance more expensive when I get a speeding ticket?

One of the leading causes of accidents is speeding. Your car insurance company may raise your premiums if they believe you are more likely cause a crash.

What is the minimum requirement for a DUI in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is one of few states that doesn’t require you to file an SR-22 in order to be able legally drive again. All drivers must have car insurance.