Car insurance for teen drivers

Young drivers are often expensive to insure. However, parents might be relieved to learn that they will pay less each year. Rates for young drivers become more affordable as they age, so they can get their own insurance policies.

Quadrant Information Services partnered with us to find the lowest rates on car insurance for young adults. All rates are applicable to young male and female drivers who have their parents’ auto insurance policy. These rates are an average rate and may not be the same as those you receive when adding a teenager to your car insurance policy.

Best car insurance for teens

Each provider has its own rates for young drivers, and rates for adults. Rates will vary from one carrier to the next. Rates for young drivers are usually determined by their gender, age, driving record, and length of time they have held their driver’s licence. The market share of the companies selected determines which companies offer the most affordable average car insurance rates for young drivers. For ages 16-19, average rates are available with full coverage annual premiums and state minimum rates.


Allstate provides insurance products for families with young drivers, including car, home and life insurance. When adding a young driver to their policy, parents can benefit from discounts like multi-policy, multicar, safe driving, and other discount opportunities.

Allstate offers a smart student discount for young adults who are not married to get lower car insurance rates. You must be a full-time student with a minimum 2.7 GPA.


Geico, like Allstate offers a variety of insurance products for young drivers and parents. The car insurance premiums could be lower if the whole family has a clean driving record. A defensive driving course can make everyone safer and could result in lower car insurance.

Geico offers a great student discount. Full-time students who have a grade of B or higher can take advantage of this discount to get lower car insurance rates. Young drivers can get low car insurance rates by joining certain fraternities, sororities, or honor societies.


Progressive’s average car insurance rates are comparable to those of Allstate and Geico. However, drivers can take part in the Snapshot program for potentially lower premiums. Safety driving can lower the cost of car insurance. Parents can also use the Snapshot program for monitoring young drivers’ habits and helping them gain more experience behind the wheel.

Progressive offers a discount for teen drivers aged 19 or younger in order to offset the cost of car insurance. Young adult drivers with a high school diploma or higher can save on average 10%.

State Farm

State Farm, like other top-rated car insurance companies offers many ways to reduce your car insurance premiums. State Farm offers several ways to save on car insurance premiums. Drivers from certain states can take a defensive driver course. A three-year term of State Farm coverage without an incident in the household will protect your rates.

State Farm offers a good student discount that could save young drivers as much as 25% if they have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Young adults aged 25 and under can save up to 20% on their car insurance premiums by joining the Steer Clear program.

Average car insurance cost for teens

Male and female young drivers pay different amounts for car insurance. Female teen drivers typically pay less than men. In seven states, however, the gender of a driver is not allowed to affect car insurance premiums: California, Hawaii Massachusetts, Michigan Montana North Carolina, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

Gender is an allowed factor in determining car insurance rates in states. This is because studies show that male drivers are more likely to speed and exhibit more reckless driving than females. Young adults and teens also have the highest use of cell phones of any age group. This increases the chance of getting in an accident or being ticketed for distracted driving.

As a young driver gains more experience behind a wheel, car insurance rates tend to be cheaper. Young adult drivers can expect lower car insurance rates by maintaining a clean driving record, and taking advantage discounts.

Average car insurance cost for teens by state

As shown in the table below, where you live can make a huge difference in how much car insurance costs. Hawaii is the only state to not consider age when determining car insurance rates. This makes Hawaii the most affordable state for young drivers. Florida’s car insurance rates are the highest when a young driver is added to their parent’s policy. These rates are for full coverage car insurance and are based upon the best insurers in the nation.

Rates for teens driving

Although providers may calculate rates differently from other providers, these are generally considered to be the most important things.

  • Car make and model: This model and make of the vehicle a young driver drives will determine how much car insurance costs. You can get quotes to help you decide on the best car insurance rate.
  • Annual mileage: The less miles you drive, you pay for car insurance. Pay-per-mile insurance is a good option if you don’t drive a lot. This will allow you to only pay for the mileage you drive.
  • There are several types of car insurance coverages. Car insurance is more affordable for liability than full coverage. You may be able save money if you insure a cheaper car for a young driver than if you drive a more expensive vehicle that requires full-coverage insurance.

For teens, discounts

Young adults and teens can get lower car insurance rates by taking advantage of the discounts that they are eligible for. A great way to save on your car insurance is to add a young driver.

Good student discounts

Students who are full-time and unmarried can receive a great student discount from most insurance companies if they maintain a 3.0 average or higher. Allstate requires only a 2.7 GPA, as noted above. The eligibility criteria and amount of savings vary by company. It also depends on how often the young driver must recertify their grades.

Distant student discounts

A distant student discount, also known as student away at school for college-aged drivers, can be another way to save. This discount applies to students who live at least 100 miles away from their home and don’t bring a car.

Driver training discounts

Driver training programs can make young drivers more safe and responsible behind the wheel. They may also help to save money on auto insurance. Each carrier has its own requirements and savings.

Discounts for programs based on usage

Many insurance companies offer an option for family members to get car insurance at a lower cost with a usage-based program. To monitor driving habits, mileage driven and times the car is being driven, a smartphone or plug in device must be installed to the car. Safe driving habits can help you get low car insurance rates.

Questions frequently asked

Why is car insurance more costly for teens?

Young drivers are less experienced behind the wheel, and can be more dangerous when driving. Rates drop when a young driver is an adult and they learn to drive safely.

How can teens get car insurance that is cheaper?

Young drivers can get affordable car insurance by maintaining a clean driving record, and getting good grades at school. Young drivers can get low-cost car insurance by taking advantage of the discounts and insuring a lower-priced car.

Is there a cheaper way to insure teenage drivers?

The cheapest way to insure teenage drivers is to add them onto the parent’s car insurance policy. Even if you have a young driver, it is possible to get cheap car insurance by adding them and taking advantage of as many discounts as possible.