Car insurance for unmarried couples

It is now much more difficult to define a family and a couple. Insurance companies offer a variety of policies to meet the changing needs of today’s world. It was not common fifty years ago for unmarried couples to have the same insurance policy. Today, joint car insurance is quite common for unmarried couples. Although it isn’t unusual for couples to have the same insurance policy, there are some things you should know before getting married.

If you’re not married, can you still be on the same insurance policy?

Unmarried couples could not be on the same insurance policy in the past because they didn’t have “insurable interests.” This boils down to ownership. It was not possible to share an insurance policy with unmarried couples because they were not considered to have mutual ownership. Things have changed over time as the definitions of couples and families has changed.

You have many options these days. Unmarried couples can get car insurance from many insurance companies under these names:

  • Domestic partner insurance
  • Non-married insurance
  • Non-relative Insurance
  • Insurance for roommates
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It is easy to get insurance together if you live in the same house. Some laws and insurance companies require that all members of the same household have the same insurance policy.

If you’re not married, what do you need to do to combine your car insurance policies?

Insurance companies that provide insurance for unmarried couples will require proof that your spouse and you live at the same address. It is best to make sure that your driver’s licenses show the same address as your partner. If you have just moved in with your partner and have not updated the license, you might need to send a copy your lease or bills to your insurance company. You may also need tax statements and pay stubs.

An insurance company will generally need to see proof that your spouse lives together. This is most evident in financial documents and bills. Every insurance company may have a different request.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of combined car insurance coverage?

There are pros and con’s to having the same insurance policy as your partner. Before you proceed, make sure you fully understand each set and all applicable laws.

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Combining car insurance has many benefits

There are many benefits to having the same policy. You don’t have to pay one extra and can share your cars.

  • Discounts: If you and your spouse own a car, you might be eligible to receive a multi-car discount from the provider. Multi-car discounts can be a great way to save money on your insurance. You might be eligible for a discount for one of your cars that is not available for the other.
  • Couples will receive more favorable rates than individuals who are insured separately. According to some studies, unmarried drivers are more likely to cause accidents. Two people with more earning potential might seem to be more likely to have the money to pay the bills. Statistics show that couples file fewer insurance claims per year than individuals.
  • It’s easier to manage: One policy is usually easier than two.

Combining car insurance has its disadvantages

Although there aren’t many downsides to co-insuring, consider these:

  • If your partner has a poor driving record, it could make it more costly. Insurance companies classify drivers who have been involved in accidents, speeding tickets, or DUIs as high-risk drivers. High-risk drivers may be charged twice as much (or more) than those with clean driving records.
  • There may be problems with your bill if you split up with your partner. Although you don’t want to do this, it is possible. You will need separate insurance policies to determine who is responsible for the bill and how much each should contribute.
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What are the best times to combine car insurance?

When unmarried couples move in together, they should consider joining the same policy.

  • You each drive the other’s cars
  • You don’t intend to have a relationship with anyone.
  • A multi-car policy discount may be available

Questions frequently asked

Insurers want to see that a married couple is together for a certain period before they give unmarried car insurance.

No. No.

Can a boyfriend/girlfriend be added to a policy following an accident?

Insurance usually follows the car and not the driver. Therefore, a partner driving your vehicle should be covered, even if you are already on the same policy. As long as you have sufficient coverage. You must use the policy in effect at the time they were added to the policy. To get coverage for the incident, you cannot add them to a policy after an injury.

Before letting your girlfriend/boyfriend drive your car, talk to an agent. They will ask you whether you live together and if your boyfriend or girlfriend drives your car more often than once per month. You need to be honest in order to get the best coverage for what happens.

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Is it legal to drive another person’s car?

It isn’t. Before allowing someone else to drive your car, it is important to ensure that your insurance understands your relationship with your partner. Also, make sure they have a current driver’s license.