Car Insurance: Mini Bike Shocks Ahead

While car insurance can take a large portion of many people’s incomes it can also be prohibitively expensive for young drivers with low incomes. Normal circumstances mean that a new driving license is clean. Penalties for motoring offenses are not applicable until at least a few hours on the road. This makes motorcycle ownership more appealing to young, financially poor people.

This is not the only exception. Although mini motorbikes were only recently introduced, their widespread use by youth has led to legislation being amended to combat their illegal use. The motorbikes are being confiscated, in some cases even crushed, and their owners are being charged.

Although it would seem that prosecuting a minor for a motoring offense seems pointless, the authorities have chosen to use the law in an unusual way to deal with offenders. Penalty points are given to offenders, even though they are often children who are not yet old enough for a driver’s license. These are kept on file and the penalty is applied when the first licence is issued.

These penalties stem from offences that are often based on laws related to vehicle use. It is illegal for any driver to operate a vehicle without a licence. The vehicle must also be taxed, insured, and if they aren’t, the use of the vehicle can only be done on private land.

Problem is, most mini motorbikes are driven on pavements, roads and public land. It is not clear if these (often) young riders know that they are being used in an illegal manner. However, it is even less likely that the riders contributed in any way to the motorbike’s cost. The machines were mainly purchased by parents who should have been aware of the law and should have a greater sense for responsibility.

Many accidents have occurred in the past when riders collided or were struck by pedestrians, motorists, and other obstacles. These machines are small but the modern engine design allows them to reach speeds that are far beyond their physical size. Both the riders and the victims of these injuries have been admitted to hospital and some times in intensive care.

It would be terrible if the accident ended there. A child or pedestrian injured, distraught parents, and a motorbike confiscated, crushed, and confiscated. But the delayed effects can also prove to be devastating. Most likely, all of the parties involved in the accident will forget about the other penalty. However, the young person applying for their first license upon reaching the qualifying age will be aware.

The record of the penalty points will be kept in the license if it is granted. O.K. O.K. A licence was required and has been issued. Insurance is the next requirement. When a company approaches you for a quote, they will inquire about your driving record. If they find out that it has penalty points on its licence, their interest in the offer will quickly fade.

Premiums will increase in a dramatic and immediate manner. The amount of the offence will determine how severe the increase in premiums. It could be a mild, but still expensive cost increase for minor offenses to a more serious charge for dangerous driving. The prohibitive cost of insurance is almost unaffordable if you mention that you were convicted of drink driving.

A spokeswoman for an insurance company gave examples of actual costs. A youthful male Fiesta driver with a penalty free licence is quoted as facing comprehensive insurance payments of around £37 per week, but the same lad with a dangerous driving conviction has to find almost £48 per week. This represents a 29% increase in premiums and a substantial sum to be paid out each week.

Note that whilst a young female driver in the same position would pay the same 29% increase for a dangerous driving conviction, the relevant figures in her case would be under £24 per week on a clean licence or over £30 per week with the conviction. This is due to the increased accident risk of young males.

It is important for parents to be cautious about being generous. If they spend money on a motorbike for their kids before they can get a licence, it could end up costing them a lot in the long-term.