Car Insurance – No Fault Accidents Can Cost You Dearly


Statistics show that you will be in an accident at some point during your driving career, regardless of whether you are the cause. No matter how competent a driver you are, you can still be harmed by other drivers’ mistakes and misjudgments.

These types of accidents are usually not the fault of the driver. Examples include rear end shunts and being hit at the traffic cross by a car which has jumped the lights. Stationary vehicles being hit or run by passing drivers.

You must not admit any liability if you are involved in an accident, regardless of whether you were at fault. This is especially frustrating for victims, as the other driver may not be allowed to admit fault.

Make sure you include all details of the accident, including photos or sketches of the scene. Include the incident number if the police were present. The car insurance company will need to contact the lawyers and other insurers of any other parties. While this is ongoing, you will be considered to have been in an accident and file a claim against your policy. Car insurers submit all accidents to the Car Insurance Claims Database, which updates daily. The accident details will be sent to them. Problems arise because even if you are not at fault for an accident, if the other party contests it, the case could drag on for years. Unless your policy allows otherwise, you will be responsible for any additional costs such as hiring a car.

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In the event of doubt about fault, the insurance companies might decide that the case can be referred to as a knock for knock. This means that each party will pay their own expenses and costs. Each policy will be considered a fault, and the bonuses for claims will be adjusted. If there is disagreement between the parties, the case will go to court. You, your insurance company, and any expert witnesses (such as claims assessors and motor engineers) will have to prove who was responsible. . Both drivers may be partially responsible depending on the circumstances. Based on the accident scenarios, each driver is assigned fault in a court. A District Judge will determine fault according the Highway Code and rules of negligence.

It could be costly if your car insurance policy is due for renewal within the period of determination. Your policy record will be considered as having been the subject of a claim. If you cannot convince your Car Insurance Company otherwise you will be charged an additional premium unless you have purchased a protected no claims bonus.

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This could be up to sixty percent more than the premium for the year before if you have a clean driving record and had no claims within the last three to five years depending on which car insurance company you are insured with. Uninsured losses that are not covered by your policy will be charged to you.